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  1. I know this phone is quite old now but I'm getting kinda tired of carrying around huge bricks !! ;) Am I right in thinking the Diamond/Compact4 is the smallest phone which has a "decent" set of features and performance ?? ;) Are there any other phones out there which are just as small and light ?? All the new and upcoming phones seem to be bigger !! ;)
  2. SWEEET !! B) I love how fast technology is moving !! ;) http://www.gizmag.com/20mp-camera-phones-b...tm_medium=email Hopefully WinMo7 will be out by then too !! :)
  3. I don't get this retweeting thing - do I need to set up a twitter account to do it ? ;) On second thought, who am I kidding - I've never won anything in my life, so what's the point ! ;) Yup, I'm the worlds biggest loser ! ;)
  4. I think Micro$oft are well aware of what's going on - so am very hopeful about WinMo7 being something that will put them "back in the game" as it were! :D These new HTC phones are actually quite underwhelming - no doubt the second half of the year is when they will release their most kickass phones! ;) However I still think HTC are not innovating enough - and will be pwned by Samsung at the top end of the market! :(
  5. I'm surprised you didn't mention it sooner Dude !! :D
  6. Excellent Thread !! ;) Being paranoid about backing up - I'm hoping Santa gets me one of these !! :( 1TB My Passport - £137.99 :D
  7. No 2nd Camera for Video Calls No TV Tuner No FM Transmitter No DLNA No Built-in Storage Memory (32GB!) Not enough Hard Keys for Gaming !! But it's still pretty frikkin SWEET !! :)
  8. I love thinner Phones and am quite happy with an screen keyboard for most tasks ...... but when it comes to Games, everything goes pear shaped! :D
  9. Convergence is coming !! Resistance is futile !! :P http://www.dpreview.com/news/0909/09092902...ngamoled12m.asp Interesting quote : Kickass Review !! ;) http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_sch_w880_a...-review-398.php :D
  10. When Samsung put a SnapDragon (and WinMo 7) in the Omnia HD ....... it will be the phone that rulez then all !! ;)
  11. Bit of a dissapointment after seeing the Omnia HD !! Guess I'm gonna have to wait for the Omnia 3 with WinMo 7 !! :D
  12. Huh ?? Surely the Omina HD is the "sequel" to the Omnia ?? :D It's inevitable that a WinMo version will come out eventually ..... probably when WinMo 7 is ready !! ;)
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