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  1. Love your rom but I am having issues with Bluetooth as when got it to connect to Bluetooth speaker audio stops alot even the player malfunction
  2. @Nagato, could u upload it for us to test please
  3. @FLRIZDARKK I don't think it's wise building ur roms with GApps inside because not everyone wants to have gapps slowing down everything
  4. And also if the uploading didn't cause a restart. That bug is still present in all our LP and MM roms
  5. I would sure like to see these roms optimize to play hd games like Asphalt 8, that would be a major achievement
  6. @FLRIZDARKK love your rom but can u also upload it at basketbuild or another. I don't really like Mega. My wifi speed is down for some reason and I can't download from Mega when it is slow. Really want to test ur new update
  7. I use MicroG instead of normal gapps
  8. Re-download the kernel and now working fine
  9. dre90210

    Huawei Y300 Gaming

    Yea I wonder if it will ever be up to speed
  10. dre90210

    Kitkat Roms

    Will LP or MM ever be up to speed like KK?
  11. dre90210

    Huawei Y300 Gaming

    Currently testing CM13, what is the best gaming settings for you guys on it?
  12. @chil360 the kernel don't work on the 28/02 it just reboots to recovery instead of booting rom

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