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  1. The phones have been revealed in Portugal. They are the Smart E8, N8 and V8. Here's some links: http://wintech.pt/38-noticias/telemoveis/23582-vodafone-portugal-lanca-familia-vodafone-smart-8 https://tekgenius.pt/vodafone-revela-nova-familia-vodafone-smart-8/
  2. I had this information about a month ago but due to an issue I wasn't able to sign in and post this. The new Smart 8 phones are shown on Vodafone's IF design page. There will be 4 main devices: Prime 8, Ultra 8, Platinum 8, and Platinum Mini 8. They all have a metal and/or glass construction, something very welcome. The platinum Mini 8 is a new addition with a 5.2" screen, and looks very interesting. Here is the link: http://ifworlddesignguide.com/profile/2960-vodafone/ Enjoy! :)
  3. I had the same issue. DO NOT delete anything; stupidly I deleted one of the folders thinking the photos would be in the other one, but they all got deleted. They were not backed up. Be sure to back up your pictures before deleting them. I learned the hard way. :(
  4. One thing which I want to know is, is there the new app opening animation? I'm sick of the lollipop one as my two previous phones both ran lollipop and the new one is way nicer. Another thing is when you pull down the drop down menu and click the settings button, does the menu simply dissapear with no animation like in lollipop, or does it slide back up like it should? Thanks.
  5. Marshmallow available in the UK. Not sure about everyone though. I had to check manually, but I had just connected to the internet so most likely I did not even give the notification a chance to come through.
  6. In the end I got a free Vodafone sim and put that in. They took the phone with no complaints but instead of getting a refund or replacement they repaired it. I would have preffered a replacement to ensure the same issue doesn't happen again, but since it's been repaired I've had no problem. I believe the patterns are caused by deteriorating glue which was present in some faulty batches after the phone was first released. The repair took 10 days, which was not good as I did not have another phone to use until then, but the repair was perfect and free, so I had no complaints. Anyway, I don't think I'll be getting another Vodafone after this, unless the Smart Ultra 8 (?) in a year's time really is amazing.
  7. Facebook messenger (and Facebook) both had an update on 4 Aug. This rendered both unusable, causing them to open and quit immediately. Looking on the play store at the reviews, ones from "This device model only", many people are reporting the same problem. Going on the play store today, both Facebook and Facebook messenger have been removed from the store for this phone. I could easily download an APK, but I want to know if anyone else is having the same problems.
  8. What I've noticed is that when I leave a place with WiFi which I'm connected to, then the WiFi constantly stays on. However, if I turn off WiFi BEFORE I leave the place with WiFi, it remains off. I have no idea why this is or how to fix it. Another thing is if I charge my phone during the day where I can get it up to 100%, the battery drains extremely fast down to about 87%, where it decreases like normal. I know this is late but if anyone's got any ideas as to what's causing this, it will be appreciated. :)
  9. I know this is late, my phone was being repaired and took 10 days, but I tried this and it seems to work. No battery used overnight. I'll try again tonight and if it works again I guess that's what I'll have to do!
  10. Yes, it was charging, but if you look at how long the Wi-Fi was on, it was on ALL NIGHT, even when the Wi-Fi was turned off and the phone shut down. I think this is the reason my phone never charges to 100% overnight.
  11. Yes I do mean shut down. I turn Wi-Fi off when I'm done as well, but as you can see even when the phone was shut down and charging overnight, the Wi-Fi was constantly on and the battery only reached 87%, like usual.
  12. That's only during sleep thought isn't it? My problem is that my phone doesn't charge fully because the WiFi is always on when the phone is FULLY OFF. I don't know, maybe you're right... Thanks
  13. Pretty much just got Google apps and general social media. Besides, the Wi-Fi stays on when the phone is off, so I don't think it's an app. :/ YouTube is the main consumer of WiFi, but that's all in the foreground. That's the same with all apps apart from "removed apps and users" (?) and "Android OS".
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