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  1. Liquidice

    Samsung i300 review incl. HDD

    I agree, but maybe its because of the media... "WOW! the first phone with a hdd that's awesome, and a 3gb one!!! while "wow! the first phone with a 3gb memorycard, but there are allready phones with memorycards and some have a capacity of reading 4gb minisd memorycards when they are invented (C500, C550...)" doesnt sound as groundbreaking as the first one does it? :roll: we who know alittle more, we would rather have a 3gb memory card than a 3gb hdd (atleast i do) but i think they want to get to the ppl that likes music alot (and got money) that doesn't know much about SPs, etc... And thats why I'm wondering if you would be able to change the 3gb hdd to a SD or CF card or any other card that fould fit (altough the warranty wouldnt be valid). Anyone tried this with another product like an Ipod, PPC, anything :) EDIT: spelling
  2. i would like to make my own skins ;) is there any program for my PC to create such :??:
  3. Liquidice

    New Qtek 8010 update (!

    i can? i think its when you open the musik file in media player something badword up and it sets the ringtone to standard, so i made a copy of my song and it will only ad 1 of the copies to the playlist, atleast i think :?:
  4. Qtek has released a new ROM ( for the Qtek8010 Smartphone. The update, which is for the swedish sold 8010s with software versions or includes: * AKU 2.6 (update "ServicePack" from Microsoft) * GSM radio * Windows Media Player 10 * MP3 as ringtone finally we 8010 owners can have mp3s as ringtone and test WMP10 ;) Info about the download here Download link here
  5. Liquidice

    qtek8010 rom

    hah, i did the same! their bad answer was something like this... Today we have no information about any update. If we release one in the future be sure to check out www.qtek.se
  6. Device: Qtek8010 Music styles: Techno (never hear 'tss') R&B (hear 'tss' sometimes) Rock (not heavy metal, only metallicas sweet sweet songs :D ; hear 'tss' sometimes) Headphones: Original headset at the moment going to change to 'SONY MDR-EX71SL' hmm... hard one, sometimes i hear it sometimes i dont, but i vote yes...
  7. Liquidice

    broken qtek8010?

    ok, so nobody knows how much it cost :x does anyone know how long it usually takes to ship it to htc, fix it, get it back??? and where is the htc 'workshop' located? UK (htc europe) or somewhere in asia?
  8. Liquidice

    broken qtek8010?

    doesnt any1 know???
  9. /me wrote earlier: how much does it cost to fix the buttons + shell if i send it to HTC europe?? after its fixed, is it worth to buy a Flexiskin? anyone who have dropped the phone with the "case" on, did the phone make it?
  10. When we are talking about broken stuff... i droped my Qtek8010 today at school. :cry: "happily" the screen made it, but the buttons and the shell didnt. When i press a button all the other buttons move ( "1"->"9" + "#" + "*" ). You can also "tilt" them to the sides, they work though. :D the shell got some scratches at the sides but the front side is loose, you can press it up and down (i think thats why the buttons arent sitting where they should...) Be very, VERY careful with your C500/SP3... this fall was from about 40-50cm down to a wood bench, then 30cm down to the floor, i thought the bench should decrease the speed and that there wouldnt be any damages, although it was a tilefloor, all i can say is SH*TTY phone and BE CAREFUL! :cry: btw. Turkey is a nice country :D
  11. Liquidice

    c500 how to send via bluetooth?

    I cant send to a friends K700 with "file manager" -> "send via IR" and on that thread they said it searches for BT, it didnt find anything... :?:
  12. SDA 2 Music has too small buttons, lol... i think the c500 has small buttons and i got small fingers, so... im just wondering, can any1 go and "thouch" the Samsung i300, SDA 2, etc... or is it just the ppl from the big ppc sites. my brother in Hanoover at CeBit and i thought about giving him a call and go over to look at those phones :D ...
  13. Liquidice


    :oops: sorry for being so nooby. i thought it would ask about the path before installation like other windows programs, so i canceled the instalation. again, sorry thx for fast anser though...
  14. I bought a 512mb minisd today :D . i have one question, how do i set up activesync/smartphone to install programs like betaplayer, or games to install on the storage card instead of the phone memory :?:
  15. Liquidice

    SMS sound

    doh! anyway, thx for the fast answer :D

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