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  1. @chill360 many thanks for yout build Slim6 1.12 :) for me work fine, i think on bad wifi signal is more stable that previous Slim6 1.9 :)
  2. @chill360 thanks for your Slim6 1.9 build on mega :) for me working fine, only camera not working, phone/sim i not use/not test...
  3. @chil360 can you please rebuild slim6 for y300 from actual "weekly 1.7" source? and maybe make separate thread for Slim6? thanks :)
  4. many thanks :-) flashed right now... working, answer from it :-)
  5. Is on chil360's temporary "mega rom url" while Basketbuild was down, link is on second post of this thread, only change to Slim6 folder :)
  6. Can you please rebuild Slim6 for Y300 from actual Slim source? :) I use your Slim-u8833-6.0.1.build.1.0-UNOFFICIAL-20160829-1143.zip downloaded from your mega... almost month and is very stable and usable for me, sure better that CM13... Before i use your SlimLP builds and in Slim6 i miss only 2 function... "power on using volume button" and "slimaction - switch to/from fullscreen"... btw: i'm not using for primary phone, not with sim card, only as "small tablet" with LIghting browser, Kore (KODI remote) and app for local IPTV provider, but daily use last year anyway thanks for all your work :)
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