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  1. Hi All. Initially was on permanent loop of the following: 1. Boot to moto g splash screen... Repeat 2. Boot to lock screen then usually a few loops of 1. The phone initially didnt have any developer options enabled. I wiped cache using recovery mode. Restarted and pretty much the same thing except that it would on rare occasions actually fully boot up usually only last a few minutes before cycling between steps 1 and 2 above. I used those rare boot ups to backup all files and enable any USB debugging /oem unlock (incase I need to use a solution dependent on these being enabled.) Factory resetted it and its still the same with the random successful boot amongst the numerous failed ones. Any ideas of why it is intermittent and whether it can be fixed?
  2. Its come up for me. I'm downloading it as I type
  3. I had exactly the same thing. I must have missed this thread. I also had ghost swiping where it would randomly press / areas around the screen. Hopefully you exchanged yours.
  4. same here it doesn't really affect me but I thought I'd mention in case it affects other aspects of the su6 that I've yet to discover.
  5. It flashes when you tsp on misspelt words, rather than staying on screen to allow you to choose the correct spelling etc. Some one posted this vid on a thread on hukd to illustrate the problem. Anyone else had this. Any workarounds? http://vid45.photobucket.com/albums/f90/Bossworld/HPStream/5A07FA40-B6DA-434C-BDC5-BF0E0790C4DA_zps5qoztrzx.mp4
  6. It's when the phone randomly swipes or presses the screen when you're not actually touching the screen. I'm not sure there's a technical term coined for the phenomenon but its the best way I could describe it.
  7. Hi. Been reading reviews of this phone and finally picked one up from tesco direct. Had a play with the phone and i seem to get random ghost swiping. It seems to randomly swipe down the notifications and tap random settings. I'm assuming I've got a dud but thought I'd ask before arranging a replacement. I haven't dloaded any apps aside from WhatsApp. I initially thought it was only happening when the phone got warm from watching vjds, but its actually quite random the more I use it. Thanks in advance
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