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  1. dreamsurfer141

    Backlight Oddness

    Hi battletank, You may want to see my last post in this thread. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...mp;#entry810468
  2. dreamsurfer141

    Backlight timeout keeps reverting to 10secs

    Ok I have found a fix (or arguably a workaround). I didn't realise but there are two settings for turning off the Backlight and another for Power. Its the backlight setting under Start | Settings | System Tab | Backlight "Turn off backlight if device is not used for" that keeps reverting to 10 secs no matter what time out period you select. However, the setting for turning off the Power is under Start | Settings | System | Backlight, click Menu | Power (or just tap the battery icon along the top of the Today screen) click Advanced then under On battery power: check the Turn off device if not used for and configure your desired setting. As the Backlight setting won't stay and also if the Backlight goes off you can't see the screen, I would say that it is best to turn the Backlight setting off (surprisingly turning it off does stick) and only configure the Power setting.
  3. dreamsurfer141

    Backlight timeout keeps reverting to 10secs

    Thanks for the replies. marisa4755 good find, I'll try this from the xda-developer thread soon: "What eventually worked for me is this: Change your backlight settings but soft-reset using software instead of poking the reset hole. I used Tweaks2k2 to perform the soft-reset but any other tool should work. " My backlight problem has come after doing a hard reset then restoring from a sprite backup, then changing the backlight brightness when on battery. Before the hard reset everything was fine and I have installed the exact same apps. Was the problem the hard reset or the restore? most probably the restore as the backup wasn't particularly good as not everything was restored. I'm reluctant to do another hard reset as I don't want to loose my SMS messages as Jeyo v2.5 is unfortunately not working properly at present - Inbox is syncronising OK, but not Deleted Items or Sent Items . I don't want to do a back up of pim.vol or cemail.vol but may be forced to...
  4. Hi All, Every time I lock my device the backlight time out reverts back to 10secs... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  5. dreamsurfer141

    Windows Media Player not recognising my MicroSD Card

    OK this seems to be fixed now. I did another hard reset and deleted the MSMETADATA then updated the library in WM once more. This also fixed the problem with my phone freezing on boot up when my Storage Card was plugged in and also ActiveSync failing to sync email properly with the Storage Card plugged in... xeron, thanks for your help
  6. dreamsurfer141

    Windows Media Player not recognising my MicroSD Card

    Hi xeron, Thanks for the suggestion, I've already deleted all data from the Storage Card just before I did the hard reset... I didn't use a 3rd party tool to format the card however...
  7. Hi All, My 2GB SanDisk MicroSD Card is no longer being recognised in Media Player. If I have the application running then plug the card in it asks me if I would like to catalog any files on the storage card then runs through the Update Library screen and finds any files on the card but it won't allow me to select the Storage Card to play them. File Explorer finds the Storage Card fine. The device would freeze on boot up with the card in but this was fixed with a hard reset. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance
  8. dreamsurfer141

    C600 (no WIFI!) details posted by Orange France

    I'm slightly disappointed in Orange for choosing the Faraday over the Tornado. It could be that they considered WiFi to be a business tool rather than a consumer orientated function and didn't want to face the added support costs regarding this so they chose a more customer friendly solution. The unfortunate thing is that Orange doesn't make money on WiFi and they also sell the lucrative GPRS service which I wouldn't use as much if the phone was WiFi. I hope that they have a business orientated\complete mobile solution lined up for business customers that maybe the Power Consumer can afford. The biggest annoyance is that their latest advert on English television with two people dancing in harmony is a little different from many users experience of using Orange. The introduction of the Faraday rather than the Tornado doesn't reflect what we have been calling our for for many months...
  9. Xerxes, there is an alternative you could give a try, and its $10 less... Its Smartphone ALL-Backup from these people. All-Locations (they also do a GPRS tracking tool which is quite useful) I found Sprite to be the better backup solution of the two due to the backup to PC service, however, using ALL-Backup theres no reason why you can't backup to the SD card then transfer the file yourself. Let me know how you get on as I still haven't decided on which one ot go for...

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