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  1. We want New updates please,the last rom was 6 months ago.. this is a good ROM but need more speed or stability, thanks @chil360
  2. The link for the rom http://adf.ly/1GyXoZ
  3. In the vídeo description be the link https://youtu.be/D2x3wP8zUPc
  4. I dont know the developer of this ROM, but ia stable, smooth, good battery life ~5-8 hours, in 4 days has been amazing, i recomend this ROM, remember install a swap for more smooth
  5. Recomiendo ROM es sumamente estable, la conseguí por youtube y me ha funcionado realmente bien, más tarde estaré subiendo capturas de pantalla I found this ROM on the red, is fast, good battery time, smooth in games, is better than FLRITZDARK ROM
  6. Hello @FLRIZDARKK new builds incoming? Thanks, take care man
  7. You use this method? What problem have? Brick? Hard brick? I can restore all whit backup?
  8. La he usado y ha resultado bien, el problema ha sido cuando llegan las llamadas o cuando quiero tomar una fotografía. I used this ROM y was good, the problem ocurred when incoming call or i want take pictures
  9. All developers create lp and mm roms but we need a faster and amazing kk ROM
  10. Is a good ROM, some times is laggy but is beauty, i prefer lollipop but is not stable like slimkat 29/12/14
  11. Hello @FLRIZDARKK we are abandoned? We wait new amazing roms
  12. Good ROM but not for gamers, clash of Clans and clash royale run very slow... but good for now, the only one lollipop smoth rom
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