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  1. Thanks for that. My brain must not be working this evening.
  2. Are we able to flash the recoveries from twrp though? I thought something had to be done with them before we could flash them in twrp.
  3. Would someone with the know-how mind making a twrp flashable stock recovery for the Irish or UK stock rom available on the website now? Looking at you @KonstaT ! Irish ROM : http://download.ztedevice.com/device/global/support/product/543/5871/sd/2015121609303084.zip
  4. Update: zte have fixed their website. Stock rom downloads available again. Ireland: http://www.ztedevice.com/support/detail?Id={002D1718-F7F0-4D11-946E-E0B35ECE1A65}
  5. Has anyone got a copy of the stock uk or Irish rom? Wah to trade mine into cex and the probably won't accept cyanogenmod os.
  6. Yeah its widespread issue affecting other phones too. There's a workaround here: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=100555524&postcount=4510
  7. No problems here with syncing. Mails come through immediately.
  8. Does build.prop need to be edited on cm ROM to prevent lag like the stock ROM?
  9. Was going to buy a htc10 but I can't justify the cost at the moment. The su6 will do me for another few months. Might waiting and see what the next nexus has to offer. Wasnt gone on the design of the current ones.
  10. That looks nice and different, will have to give this a spin at the weekend. Thanks op for all your hard work.
  11. I'll try this again without the quote. I am having one issue since updating Mokee ROM to v2. Xposed GEL settings will not change the size of the grid no matter what I do. The changes don't apply.I know it's an odd one and may not be related to the ROM at all but has anyone else seen this? Everything else xposed wise seems to be fine and it worked on in v1.
  12. Do you think doubletap to wake would be possible on this image?
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