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  1. Hi guys! I'm thinking of getting the C600 on contract! I work for Phones 4U so I get 40% discount on line rental (50% on T-Mobile and o2). I've used the C500 before and quite enjoyed it. The only thing im worried about is that a newer model may come out rumoured to be next month! Should I wait or just get it?
  2. man thats expensive. on ebay they are going cheaper. german people who buy it on contract and then sell them off. you should have got it from there. anyway goodluck with your new phone and let me know how good it is!
  3. I walked in a T-Mobile shop to query about the SDA music. The guy told me that the SDA has just come in and they are only available on contract: :( £70 for the phone with a freetime off-peak 750 12 month contract. quite a nice price but my friend got a FREE Nokia 6630 (for symbian lovers) on a 12 month t-mobile contract (i think he pays £24) after telling them he will move to a different network if they don't give him that offer. I swear these companies are desperate for their customers to stay so always ask for more - just be aggressive :x :x :x !!! anyway. the sda looks like a nice handset but i swear the tiny joystick controller is useless for games, i'd rather use the scroller on the c500!! when i asked for the sda music version he said that they've never heard of it!! looks like it won't be released here :cry: you can't get the sda on pay-as-you-go like the c500 so it's a bit of a blow for me because i can't handle myself on contract - phone bills are like £120 a month :shock: and with a o2 genie sim i only spend £10 :lol: a month because it has 300 free text messages 8) if you want to get any of the sdas then you'll have to use ebay and get someone from germany to send you one. you can even pick up the music version. which i'm planning on getting - would anyone not recommend that one? the c500 has a dust problems i'm scared of!!
  4. Thanks everyone for opinions - my head is less confused!! :lol: so i'm gonna forget about the sp3i unless i find an amazing deal like £130 or something... i'm gonna try to find another windows mobile that is near £150 and is ok for games. I already had the n-gage and the games are fanatastic but movies play quite slow with smartmovie. although the play full speed on mobiclip but converting a clip takes a whole damn day! and just so that anyone needs to know, the original n-gage probably has the best phone mp3 player available (high volume, excellent bass, not crackling) although you have to buy your own sony earphones. anyway, i want a windows mobile and not a symbian platform because later this year they will release a new final fantasy game for windows smartphone and i can't miss out on that being a huge fan!! can anyone possibly recommend? don't say the Mio 8390 - tried it, excellent phone but not my style.
  5. Hi guys. I bought the orange c500, but then returned it because of the bad scroller design :evil: . I can't seem to find a phone within my price range (£150 - £170 on pay as you go) that is any better so i'm considering running back to my c500!! I've seen the SP3i and it's practically the same phone but with a joystick!! :lol: :( this phone would be very ideal but the price on the net is too much. is it worth spending the extra amount to get this one instead? i want to play pocketsnes properly and i'm worried that the scroller may be a problem. does anyone know if orange will sell the sp3i soon for the same price as the c500?? orange are selling the c500 for £139 with £10 credit. that's an excellent offer. 8) when i returned my c500 the guy said that this version is no good and bluetooth facility is poor. he said orange will bring a new version out soon and that it will have better bluetooth support and a improved navigator (joystick) - i went home and did some research - found the sp3i. i thought that this was it!! so i went to a different orange store and asked the manager about the next spv; he said that he doesn't know about the sp3i or any new spv c500 lookalike but said that the next spv is m2000... :?: :?: anyway can anyone help me out. shall i go back to my c500?? or would the sp3i be a better choice?? and any possible links to a cheap one!! what about the sda? how much does that cost? and is it within the competition? thanks everyone!
  6. No one is replying. I don't think anyone is even interested except me.
  7. Will it ever be compatible for Mio 8390??
  8. Here: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...&st=0&p=543832&
  9. After a long long search i found the file. I didn't make this so i'm not taking any credit for it!!! Thanks to the guys for the time and effort they put in to make this. You guys are pure intelligence!! I know one of the links to this is broken so i'm just putting it up here for easy access, though it is available in another thread. GAPI_Solution___Signing_Pack.zip
  10. Hi guys. I tried downloading the GAPI Solution - Signing Pack.zip but each time I click the link it goes to the MoDaCo forum main page... Can anyone provide me with a working link or upload the file. Much appreciated.
  11. No idea how to do it! I haven't even got my mio 8390 yet. should arrive soon. I returned my Orange SPV c500 because everything about the phone is great except the stupidly designed joystick. anyway we just have to wait and see if any upgrades are possible in the future.
  12. if there is a new phone similar to the 8390 by mio using 2003 SE. it may be that that version is compatible. lets hope so.
  13. any particular reason why? if someone could get 2003 SE would it not be possible to install it?
  14. Hi everyone. Total newbie here so this might have already been discussed. Do you think it will ever be possible to have an upgrade, even if it is unofficial??? I know you can easily upgrade the MPX200 from 2002 to 2003. Will it be possible for the MIO 8390??
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