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  1. I had posted two files in the downloads section a while back. They should be the same info you are looking for plus more. I no longer have my '5600 and visit the forums every week or so lurking for new phones/info ... so please no more emails about this....I still get 2-3 emails a week asking for them.... links: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=dscrip...etails&f_id=677 http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=dscrip...etails&f_id=676 Hope this helps :) |d|
  2. mobile-distortion

    smt5600 att to cingular

    do a google for "pirate+bay+torrent" then look there....also have a ROM for WM5 and the SMT-5600 8)
  3. I have posed the how to's in the download section...also there is another thread here (search my nick) on this
  4. mobile-distortion

    Torque screwdriver

    Thank you! Is a pet peeve of mone when people do that. I understand newbness...but...
  5. mobile-distortion

    Talking Point: What other sites do you frequent?

    www.neowin.net www.engadget.com www.gizmodo.com www.hackaday.com www.slashphone.com www.howardforums.com www.se-nse.com www.deviantart.com and Beasties Portal :twisted:
  6. mobile-distortion


    I second that!
  7. Means your phone is not "software" unlocked yet I believe. Look deeper in the forums and the stickies on how to "software" unlock your phone so you can install unsigned apps.
  8. mobile-distortion

    c500 3.5mm jack converter?

    Look on eBay .... or go to your local electronics (pieces parts like Radio Shack) store
  9. mobile-distortion

    where to get 5600 casing

    I would try getting a "dummy" display phone off eBay and try that.
  10. mobile-distortion

    Just got my SMT5600 - couple questions...

    Check out my post here for the Cingular related info: http://www.modaco.com/SMT_5600_on_Cingular...To-t206009.html It has all the data to "convert" your AT&T 5600 to Cingular
  11. mobile-distortion

    SMT-5600 on Cingular Network How-To

    Go for the unlimited data plan too...only $20 extra a month but definately worth it
  12. mobile-distortion

    SMT-5600 on Cingular Network How-To

    Bumping because I am STILL getting a few emails a day trickling in about this... :shock:
  13. File Name :: SMT-5600 to Cingular Conversion Author :: mobile-distortion Category :: Other Description :: This is a HOW-TO conversion for the SMT 5600 on the Cingular Network. It includes the HOW-TO, rebranding .gif's and some handy files. I did not create this....found it in the forums somewhere. Updated Tue, May 3 2005 1:28 pm View File
  14. File Name :: Cingular GPRS Settings Author :: mobile-distortion Category :: Other Description :: These are the GPRS and WAP settings that I have found to work with my SMT5600 on Cingular's network. I compiled this from varios postings in forums. I cannot take credit for them ;) Updated Tue, May 3 2005 1:30 pm View File
  15. Well all....as my last post in this forum (for now until a slicker smartphone comes out) due to getting a SE P910 (OMG...big, but awesome). I posted some settings a week or so back to help someone out trying to get their SMT-5600 to work on Cingular's network. Since then I have gotten at least two emails a day from prople wanting those settings. I tried emailing them to the requestors...but kept getting bounced emails. So...tried uploading here...dunno...seems to take a while. Got impatient and uploaded them to a free online host. Bandwidth may be a problem. :idea: Maybee someone else can host and post here. :idea: Hopefully this works...if not...I will lurk here every now and then...send me a PM. Anyways, here they are: .pdf with the SMT-5600 and Cingular Mediaworks settings SMT-5600 to Cingular Rebranding Conversion files Best of luck to all... Peace OUT :exclaim: |m-d|

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