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  1. Im sure they have started the rollout maybe just havent got as far to my account. :-)
  2. Well because MS have started rolling out hotmail with Activesync support so you have full push mail and contact syncing thats why i want to install.
  3. Can any one get MSN Hotmail to work with Exchange Active Sync
  4. Any more info on that app
  5. Changed just for you :-)
  6. Thanks for the info, I've been avid Winmo user since 2001 and loving the Android experinence, apart from the updating of the roms. :-)
  7. Hi, I'm pretty new to the Android world, and soome how i managed to root my desire and install the Modaco 3.1 rom, How easy/ hard will it be to update to the new Frojo Modaco Rom that is out today. Thanks Paul
  8. I have no idea what im doing wrong just cant get it to unlock. ive done on previous tytn 2 it just sits on 0% ive tried everything/ :-(
  9. Hi, Just had my Tytn 2 replaced by Orange. Now i cant Hard SPL it. the last one i had came with Winmo 6.0 and i managed to unlock to change the rom. But this one with Winmo 6.1 i cant unlock. Ive tried everything Anyone managed it. Thanks
  10. I'm really shocked so many people are putting a downer on this phone. I thought we were going to have till 2009 and WinMo 7 to get a modern interface on Winmo handset. Just think this is just the entry level version, all the new HTC Winmo phones will have this Gui and I'm sure updated versions of it. So when the replacements for Touch and PDA and Smartphones series are released there will be a varity of options and specs. I've had Winmo phones since the orignal SPV i think this will be the first time ill be able show my mates that i have cool phone instead of telling i have it because i need for work.
  11. Yep problem with my work Firewall wouldnt allow the validation, working now
  12. did you have any problems downloading this version it doesnt seem to download the file correctly
  13. To be honest I think I'm not clicking the pen into place firmly enough after sending a quick text message and by the time Ive put it into the belt case its dropped out. Funny though I felt really dissapointed for loseing them i more p*ssed off than i should have been :D
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