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  1. tudor, thanks for looking in to it for me, the thermometer isn't really that big a deal, just thought I'd ask. if you get anything from Fizz, keep me posted.
  2. still no luck on the thermometer in trying to get the red to appear in the pic... also, I see that in the code, there is no corresponding chunk for the FizzTraveller plugin, just the lines <!-- FizzTraveller --> <plugin clsid="{30DF3430-1998-0509-BAA6-00AA003E0EED}" name="TravellerPlugin" height="37" hilighttoday="true"> </plugin> is this just pointing to another xml file? can I access and edit it like I did the SM portion? the reason is, when I highlight the Fizz portion, it has some gray shade that doesn't look good and makes the blue text especially hard to read. Can't figure out how to fix that either... thanks again m8
  3. tudor, I used the new pic you posted and made some changes to get the SmartMonitor and FizzTraveller info both on the homescreen and got a pretty good setup, but still not perfect. First I changed the height of the SM plugin to 46 to match the calendar. Then I tried adding 9 to each "y" value but it was too much, I found adding 5 came out just right; ideally, I'd add like 5.5 but I don't know if it will handle decimals, I may try it later. I tried to change the thermometer info to Fahrenheit. I adjusted the min and max to 40 and 100 degrees respectively, I've found my temperture to always be in that range, but the red "mercury" in the thermometer pic doesn't show anymore, it's always empty looking. Let me know if you need any more info (code is attached ), I'd like to get this thing finalized. It all looks really great, thanks again for such a well done template for me to work in. AppleSmartMonitor.home.xml
  4. tudor, I was thinking since I almost never use the upcoming appointmens section of the homescreen (when I really need to access that stuff or the calendar, it's always in my recently used list which is just as easy to click) is there anything that would prevent me from swapping the code for the fizz traveller plugin in to that space? Then we could theoretically have both the traveller and monitor info on 1 screen. I just wanted to see if you knew of any glaring issues that would prevent that, otherwise I'd like to give it a shot.
  5. great theme m8, I'm not even an apple fan/user, but for combination of functionality and smooth looks, you've put out one of the best I've seen. well done. oh yea, I tried this little AM/PM fix and it seems to look nice... <!-- Clock and date --> <plugin clsid="{E09043DF-510E-4841-B652-388316977A7A}" name="carrier" height="32"> <background b-border-width="0" /> <label halign="right" valign="top" h="15" font-weight="bold"> <text><carrier /></text> </label> <clock> <time x="35" y="-1" halign="left" valign="bottom" font-size="24" font-weight="bold" mode="12"/> <date y="15" halign="right" valign="top" mode="short" /> </clock> </plugin> just paste in this code over what you have or under the clock tag, in the 'time' entry change valign to "bottom", font-size to "24", and mode to "12". It's still clearly legible and just fits in perfectly. thanks again tudor
  6. there's no special software I use, mainly cause I dont need it. Open ActiveSync on your PC, click Explore, go to \Storage\Application Data\Sounds on your phone, then paste the sound file (mp3 or wma) into the Sounds folder. As a side note, while you can use MP3s or WMAs as ringtones, I have found that sometimes you have to turn your phone on and off for the MP3 ringtone to be seen in the custom ring tone list after you copy it into the Sounds folder on your phone. if you want a specific mp3 (or streamed down WMA which is best as ultimasnake suggested) as a ringtone for a specific contact, go into the individual contact and click the left button for edit; scroll down and eventually you will find the setting called "Custom Ring Tone" which lets you choose the tone for each person. try it out m8.
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