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  1. I had this same issue a few times. I think the contact betwen the phone and the MicroSD is a bit "soft". I slotted a folded slip of paper in between the SD and the SIM card just to push ot down a bit more firmly. I haven't had any problems since. Mike
  2. I just received 2 of these and they work flawlessly - including the volume slider. It certainly doesn't act like a switch on the ones I bought. I'd say yours is dodgy. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to use their own headset with the StrTrk. Now, can anyone recommend a good set of earphones with a secure fit (so they don't fall out when jogging) but with a nice short cable so that I don't have metres of cord dangling everywhere? Mike
  3. I have installed MS Voice Command and it has over ridden the voice button so that it no longer activates the voice tags. You need VC 1.6 in order for the button on the bluetooth headset to work it. Mike
  4. Ceratinly appears to be the right connection. Looks like just what we've all been looking for. Worth asking for clarification from the seller before ordering. I've been burnt by eBay and no longer have an account, so I'll leave that to someone else. Mike
  5. I have the 2Gb SanDisk too, and have had no problaems. Just popped it in and it worked out of the box. Mike
  6. Sorry guys, I thought HTC's program was called Media Manager, but it is Audio Manager. Have edited the thread to suit. Mike
  7. Hi all, I have recently purchased a Dopod S301 and overall am very impressed with the phone. One issue that is bugging me is HTC's Audio Manager and its relationship with the media buttons on the front. The buttons default to opening Audio Manager rather than Windows Media Player. I don't want to use Audio Manager. I have replaced HTC's Voice Commander (which I couldn't get to work properly) with Microsoft's Voice Command (which works flawlessly). The problem with Audio Manager is that when I press the VC prompt button, the music keeps playing rather than pausing to wait for the command. It also gets piped through my BT headset which means I can't hear hear the VC confirmation. WMP plays properly with VC. The other issue I am having is that if I start Media Player manually, it stops when I close the clamshell. I have unchecked the "Pause Playback While Using Another Program" option, and it keeps playing if I return to the home screen, for instance. But as soon as I close the shell, WMP stops. It also seems to re-check the "Pause Playback" option each time I turn the phone off/on. So, my questions is - does anyone know any way of removing Audio Manager and letting the phone use WMP by default? Audio Manager doesnt show up in the list of programs able to be removed in "Remove Programs". The manual states that the front buttons should control WMP. Thanks in advance, Mike ________________________ Edit: Changed "Media Manager" to "Audio Manager"
  8. mparker

    Warning £672.00 data bill

    Any ideas on fixing the sticky 4 key? My Xphone has the same problem, and now the clear key is doing it too :roll:. Makes entering text very tricky. Cheers, Mike

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