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  1. Well I got there in the end! Many, many thanks "cglev" for your patient advice and reassurance. I ran the two updates from the SD card as per your instructions (on my unrooted Hudl 2 which was on Android 4.4.2). The update process itself worked fine and was surprisingly quick (presumably because I'd wiped my Hudl 2 beforehand). But the before and after stages were anything but straightforward for two reasons, which I'll describe in case they help anyone else: RECOVERY MODE: I really struggled to get my Hudl 2 into recovery mode, for both the small and large updates. I tried holding the volume-up and power buttons for different lengths of time, but it kept going into normal startup or just showing a black screen (but not "Off"). The only way I managed it in the end was by holding the buttons until "Powered by Android" had appeared and then disappeared (after about 10 sec), with a black screen doing nothing; then pressed and held the two buttons again, which again generated "Powered by Android"; only after this had disappeared for the second time did the recovery menu finally appear. GOOGLE BACKUP/RESTORE: It didn't work! Well, not properly. (And yes, the backups were switched on from day one!). Even though if offered to restore and showed me my list of about 100 previously downloaded apps to choose from, it only installed about ten and then just stopped. It also failed to restore my desktop and icon placeholders, instead restoring that stupid motorhome-in-a-field wallpaper from Kitkat and the default Tesco icons. Maybe the factory resets I did along the way confused it. But the total lack of control which Google gives users over the process and over which backup to restore, and the inability to view the contents of previous backups meant there was nothing I could do about it until it was too late. So I would say to others: don't rely on Google backup alone! So it was back to DIY basics with the simple but reliable "App List Backup" app (I remembered to back up the exported list of installed apps), plus manual backups of APK files I had kept of old but incredibly useful apps no longer on the Play store using MyBackupPro. It has taken hours and I still haven't finished, but at least it made me weed out the apps I no longer need! Now I'm trying to get used to Lollipop (first time I've used it). It's like I've got a new device, with the usual irritations! Why the white backgrounds for all the menus and settings? (I like white-on-black.) Why does it now take at least three actions to open Settings from the top menu? But I can see that some other things are cleaner or work better, eg recent apps ("square" soft button) - oh, and Dolby has returned! Anyway, thanks again.
  2. Thanks cglev - your detailed steps are much appreciated. If no updates appears OTA soon, then I'll give this a go. Just to be absolutely clear, can you please confirm: My Hudl 2 current build no is "KOT49H.rel.android-build.20150529.110309 release-keys". So I need to run the small update (to take it to 20150803.092218) followed by the large Lollipop update (to take it to 20150917.142239) - is that correct? the update files go in the root directory of the SD card - is that right? does it matter if the SD card has other stuff on it, or should it be wiped? are there any risks in updating this way? Excuse my extreme caution but I don't want to foul this up! Many thanks once again.
  3. Thank you, that's very interesting. So it can be done directly from the SD card without connecting to a computer or anything like that? I was afraid to tackle that with my limited knowledge. (I've already discovered that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!). So can you be more specific about the exact procedure involved please?
  4. Interesting suggestion thanks, but not really what I was looking for!! My hardware is very lightly used and I'd like to keep it!
  5. I seem to have created a problem for myself after attempting to follow advice on this site to do a factory reset before the Lollipop update! I delayed updating my Hudl2 to Lollipop to wait until any issues were sorted - as covered extensitvely on this site. It did the preparatory update some time ago and remained on bog standard (no root) Android 4.4.2 but I have been ignoring the "update available" star which I assume was the big Lollipop update. Today I decided it was now safe to do the Lollipop update. First I read the advice about factory resetting when updating to Lollipop on this forum in this post by "CPN200" and this comment by "Captain Cookster", seconded by "CPN200". The second post suggested it is better to factory reset BEFORE the Lollipop update. So I did this and factory reset my Hudl2 (backing everything up first). But following the factory reset, there is no update available! I've pressed "Check for Updates" and restarted a couple of times, but nothing is available and it just says "Your Hudl is up to date". My Hudl2 is unchanged on 4.4.2 dated 29/5/15. Do I just have to wait patiently for the update become available again "soon" or....??? Also, I'm now at an impasse: if I restore my apps and data again, then I'm back to square one and there was no point wiping it before the update. If I wait and keep it in its virgin reset state, then I cannot use my (now app-less) Hudl 2 until the update appears again - if it ever does! What gives? Note: although I connected to WiFi, I haven't logged back in to my Google account yet, to avoid the possibility of Google starting to update my apps etc before I was ready (in case this is relevant?). I did see a suggestion by "Robin0800" that the update(s) could be applied manually, but I couldn't see any instructions and I'm afraid this novice was lost at the words "can be applied by stock recovery", which that means nothing to me - and also the linked 30 pages+ topic was too technical for me, I'm afraid. Any help and advice would be much appreciated, please! I'm not an expert user and I'm not interesting in rooting etc - at least, not now.
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