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  1. Thanks St3ph3n, You hit the nail on the head, the 'Secure Connection' was indeed the problem. Tomtom working fine now, thanks again.
  2. Hi All, I have a T-Mob Vario with Tomtom v5.2 installed - All has worked well in the past until I updated to the new t-Mob Vario ROM to fix the phone issues. I now have the following problem: Every time I use Tomtom I have to reinstall and reconfigure the BT receiver. For some reason Tomtom will not keep the connection. This also happens if I move out of BT range, I have to completely reinstall and reconfigure. Once I do reconfigure the receiver all works fine until I either move out of range again or exit the TT application. Has anyone else come across this problem - Help much appreciated
  3. Hi Weetobix, Not sure it is possible with the standard calendar :D However their is a birthday application available at http://www.snapfiles.com/get/pocketpc/bplanner.html This is Freeware app and runs a separate database for birthdays and places reminders on your today screen :)
  4. Yes, ideally absolute black background (no images etc) with white font and grey command bars etc. I appreciate your help :)
  5. Hi All, Does anyone know where I can obtain a plain black theme that will support portrait and landscape mode for my MDA Vario? I have used the Mio Black theme in the past on a previous phone, however I now require portrait & landscape support on the Vario. Hope someone can help ;) Cheers.
  6. Excellent work and a great theme ;) . However I have recently upgraded to a MDA Vario - Do you have any plans to crreate a version of this theme that will operate in landscape mode. Disappointed that I can't continue using your theme. :D PLease keep me posted.
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