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  1. I updated the link in OP. 3/4g now working.
  2. If you never got as far as executing any ROM code then that points to something lower level. Recovery just copies bytes into and onto partitions, copy them to the wrong place on the underlying storage and that could overwrite the bootloader / partition information, which would be bad. The fact that while in recovery you couldn't unmount /data sounds like a lowlevel fault, dmesg might have given more of a clue.
  3. Hiya i present for your amusement... ROM: Resurrection-Remix-LP-v5.5.9-20160323-p839v55.zip sources: device vendor Working: camera wifi sensors nfc
  4. Cheers for the heads up. Didn't help with mounting /data but i'll try tomorrow to see if it make any difference with the 5.0 kernel. I'm guessing not but who knows.
  5. I'm not sure what it is you are offering but compiling init and modifying rc scripts i'm fine with. I guess the bigger question here would be has anyone successfully run the 5.1 source drop?
  6. Ahhh, i'd assumed you built the recovery using kernel sources, yep, i think thats exactly why the 5.0 TWRP didn't work. I ran into it after updating to stock 5.1, the only changes i had to make after the update was for the base and offsets. Looks like i'll be cherry picking after all then.
  7. I figure this is probably a good enough place to ask. Bit of background, I'm trying to get an Android 5.1.1 based build (Resurrection Remix) working on the Smart Ultra 6. I've been using the original ZTE sources for 5.0 along with the CAF WiFi driver. It kind of works but i'm struggling with a suspend/resume problem and i'd like to use the ZTE 5.1.1 sources as there's quite a few driver updates and i'm using blobs from a 5.1 stock firmware, so would prefer to match up kernel and userspace. The problem though is the VF-995N (5.1) kernel fails to get as far as mounting /data and creating files/directories, so probably failing to get as far as running init. It's only a few seconds after the welcome screen that it switches into maintenance mode. The device/BoardConfig.mk is otherwise unchanged except for the kernel source directory so i'm fairly sure its not something simple like the wrong offset/address. Was there anything you had to-do when building the 5.1 TWRP recovery to ensure it'd work? Did you just build it using the msm_P839V55_defconfig and that was it? Cheers dude if you can give me a pointer or two.
  8. Well I found out why class_start main was hanging in my build. Seems now the next hurdle is finding why the ART files aren't being built. Slowly slowly. Anyone else actually trying to get a build working?
  9. for me at least, 12.1 seemed like the more stable option, fewer surprises and better understood. This'll be the first time i've tried to build an android from scratch rather than taking an established vendor|device tree where the bugs have been fixed. Doesn't 13 require closer attention to LinuxSE policies? I had a feeling it did, and so would rather not have to deal with that until further down the road.
  10. Ah yes, i should go have a look at that. thanks for the reminder.
  11. How far have you gotten with flashing something non stock? I've just tried my first cm-12.1 build that did'nt get past the initial power screen. I think the kernel is OK so its probably the initrd contents which are out of whack. At first i thought it was boot.img not being written as there was no feedback in TWRP, so then i tried dd'ing to the boot partition. No joy there either. i restored an earlier backup in TWRP for the time being until i can compare and contrast the boot.img against the stock one.
  12. Hi there, I'm also trying to build CM (off and on when i get some spare time). Would you mind elaborating on what you did exactly with the wrong boot image? I'm interested to know any pitfalls upfront before i try flashing. Cheers, -v
  13. Thanks for the video it gave me the confidence to open up my SU6. Any ideas thought how to disconnect the battery? I can't quite tell which direction i need to push/pull/prod the connector. Being able to disconnect the battery would probably be a big help when fiddling with custom firmware, as i believe that a borked install can only be fixed once the battery drains to flat. cheers, -vince
  14. Asked them about unlocking bootloader. Lets see if the following yields anything useful Hello, I have a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6. I would like to unlock the bootloader so that i can develop a custom ROM with CyanogenMod 12.1 / 13. An unlocked bootloader would make this process much easier. I fully understand this will invalidate my warranty and i fully accept responsibilities for this. Could you please tell me how to unlock the bootloader? Cheers and best wishes,
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