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  1. Also, pressing the power button for a long time is doing nothing now. The battery was near full when all of this happened so I'm doubting that it's the battery,
  2. Okay, so I have a bit of a big problem. I was downloading some images, when the screen got stuck for a bit, flashed some lines, then turned off. I held the power button, to reboot it, and it worked... for a bit. The usual "Powered by Android" screened showed up, before a blue flash covered the screen, and then nothing. Panicking a little bit, I tried to boot into recovery, but then something weird happened. It hanged onto the TWRP screen, before rebooting back into the "Powered by Android" screen. The next time I tried to go into recovery, it hanged onto the TWRP screen again, before now slowly fading out into black with blue colours, and then nothing. I have no idea what happened, but my phone is rooted, it has TWRP [obviously], and the internal storage was almost full when I was downloading the images. I'm a bit worried that the reason why my phone is glitching out is because the internal storage is way too full, but without a recovery I have no idea how I can fix that issue. Anyone know what's going on, or is my phone officially dead? Also the OS I'm rocking, or was rocking, was the Lineage 14.1 one by Nutsda
  3. noticing some bugs lately, mostly that random apps keep crashing and that apps keep saying there is no connection even when there clearly is also not sure whether this is a ROM issue or a kernel issue, but the fact that i have to keep enabling sd card access is annoying, especially when apps like twitter don't have a way to enable it is there some way to enable sd access for every app from the start?
  4. did your back camera work before? cause it's working for me here
  5. functions perfectly! xposed works, substratum works, root achieved [superuser app doesn't work though], viper works thanks a ton!
  6. Wait really? That's amazing. Installing it as we speak, hope it works for me.
  7. Not if it has the same bug as CM 13,1 though.
  8. @AGENTU007 why do you keep typing in this obnoxious large highlighted font?
  9. Some apps end up crashing the entire OS when I install/run them... Like the latest update of Sync
  10. The volume is awfully low, anyway I could fix it?
  11. Found a problem that's been bugging me a lot - For some reason none of the thumbnails load! Also the gallery app ends up becoming unusable if you navigate it enough. EDIT: Apparently right after I boot up the phone all the thumbnails load up nicely, but if i exit that folder, boom, they all disappear again.
  12. If you don't already have root and custom recovery there are some threads on here that should help you with getting that.
  13. I'm on CM12.1. I flashed this ROM and it got stuck on the Powered by Vodafone screen. Do I have to do something else to be able to flash Marshmallow? UPDATE : It works. Though the best way to do it is like this. Do a nandroid backup. Flash the ROM, then reboot. Go through the setup. Reboot into the recovery. Flash the SU zip. Done. I found that when I did them both at the same time, the phone never really went past the boot screen. Now to find a way to hide the awful Carrier ID.
  14. Happens rarely, though when I was on a plane ride it was happening very frequently. I don't know what causes it, but after having the phone for a year and a half, I don't think it's anything severe.
  15. What I don't understand is what the use of Ultra 7 is? It's got 4 slightly faster cores with 0.4 more Ghz, and a more battery draining chipset and gpu. The only upgrade is basically 6.0.
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