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  1. the 3 PAYG 3G Internet service works fine on a TyTn, but check reception where you plan to use it. Mine, in north London, was GPRS only and I couldn't get any internet connection. Where I did get 3G it was fine, and it's *meant* to work on the GPRS connection, but for some reason PAYG customers are having trouble. Best way to find out is to get a PAYG SIM card. Get it from a 3 shop and ask to top up at the same time, they waive the £2 for the sim and you can put just £10 on it. Then go home, register it, go online and buy the Internet Addon, it just ocmes out of the £10 credit. You get a week for £2.50 or a month for £5. Then play. The settings for the network are simple, there's a cab for it floating around, here and on xda. I decided to stay on contract with TMobile in the end, but only due to the reception problem. In fact 3 are meant to be getting on TMob's 3G masts soon, so the problem might go away, Tmob have very good 3G coverage.
  2. The 3rd guy I spoke to found out they didn't stack after all but he could offer me and extra £3 off, making it £14.50/m for Flext20 and WnW basic. I'd found that 3 didn't have reception in my house so it seemed like the only option and I signed up. Am not entirely happy with an 18 month contract, but they have given good service, and it's pretty cheap.
  3. Yeah, I couldn't find it on the site, but spoke to a callcentre guy who assured me it's there when you log into My3 ( I couldn't try this of course). Downside is you have to redo it every month, there's no way to make it automatic. It's a very good deal though, I'd be jumping on it if Tmob hadn't come through.
  4. meh, now they're saying the discounts do stack, so it'll be 12.50 for 18 months for Flext20 and WnW basic. Can't do better than that I reckon. (but for information folks, the PAYG on 3 allows you to do the £5 a month internet add on)
  5. Very hard to search for anyhthing to do with 3! Don't care about 3s content, I just want an internet connection for web and email. If it can do that I'm happy. Only slight worry is what happens if you use data (3G or not) outside of 3's coverage. Read somewhere it can be considered as roaming and charged for.
  6. Not in my case. Just got off the phone, best they would offer is to sign up for another 18m at 17.50 for flex20+WnW. If I do nothing it'll go up to 27.50 because the fiver off runs out with the original 18m contract expiry. Doesn't seem that good to me. So: it looks like Tmob and 3 are the only ones worth considering. Tempted by the 6month @£20 offer at 3, give them a go and see how it pans out. Are you sure their sim's work in this handset?
  7. They've offered me £10 off, but I already had £5 off from the original offer, I'm waiting for them to get back to me about whether they stack. If they do it would be about £13 a month for WnW+Flex35 and I think I'd buy that for a 12 month contract.
  8. O2 are completely out for me - no reception. Quite interested by 3 - what is their service like these days? What restrictions do they put on the "unlimited" 1GB internet - can I get away with using it for modem access for example? I mean "get away with" as I do with WnW basic! And is it HSDPA? 3 will do £15/m for 300 mins/txts on a 6 month contract at the moment, so £20 including the net access. Otherwise you have to commit to 18 months which I don't want, my plan is to try and avoid too much commitment, keep usint the TyTn until something better gets cheaper or the Xperia comes out. Wonder if 3 will do the internet on PAYG, I don't actually make a lot of calls. If the 18 months was not such a bummer, it would work out at £450 in all, minus £80 quidco and ebay an N73 for say another £80, which comes to about £16 a month. Not bad I guess. Decisions... just wary of 3 given their past rep.
  9. What's the best deal for 3G data in the UK these days - I have Tmobile WnW basic, which costs me £7-50 a month. Anything better on offer than that, or is it still the best game in town? My contract is up and I have to decide whether to renew, haggle etc.
  10. yep, found it after posting. it's ace. I've even set up a couple of channel templates myself! Thanks.
  11. Why is it that all the RSS readers can do is get the first few lines or the title of an article? What I want is something that can download the actual content for offline reading. Anyone know of an app that does this?
  12. What version are you using? I'm cautious about upgrading the radio as the more recent ones can't be downgraded in the case of needing warranty support.
  13. It looks like it's not working, but it does persist the selection. You need to be signed in on MSN from the device at the same time for it to work, that was what I found. Push mail is still really annoying though!
  14. I currently have the IBM J9 mdlet manager. It works fine for what I need - Gmail and Opera Mini - there are a couple of things I'd like different: 1) I'd like to be able to launch a midlet without launching the manager first 2) I'd like to persist the permission to access the network. These two make launching my midlets mildly less ergonomic than I'd like. Anyone suggest a solution? TIA P
  15. This is the orthodox view of lithium batteries. However, I find I'm getting much better battery life after a couple of months. This above and beyond improvements made by switching off various power-hungry options. I would not be surprised if in some scenarios lithium batteries improve with a bit of use.
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