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  1. Android 6 it s online on ZTE site for download . Spain Vodafone 995N SD card software package(325060B1102VDF-995NB02-ES10d) http://www.ztedevice.com/support/detail?id=07933C152AD344958F9C39D5E5D615B7
  2. Yes, If delete in system/etc/language.xml , you will be able to select all language in phone settings, instead of having just English, Turkish.
  3. You test first this metod ? I have error 7 in TWRP.
  4. Turkish Marshmallow mega download : https://mega.nz/#!HBlFWLKQ!OWC8fc8wN9qfO-ngE-f5znKBeo2KtBqf5_E6DF0Xuq0
  5. Same for me the imei is not listed on the database.
  6. Battery consumption on android 6.Chrome consuming too much battery?
  7. Flash stock recovery and stock rom .Download latest version .(zte site 12.01.2017) For moment no root aviabile.
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