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  1. I preffer Havana ;-)
  2. Nice, downloading ASAP :)
  3. Jup. Clean instal. I'll try it afternoon again ;-)
  4. V2 freeze while flashing (TWRP 3.0.2)
  5. faiska98: Tried, nothing. EDIT: playstore work, but there is terribly slow download speed.
  6. I have bug in play store: cannot download any app(use wifi, internet browser work fine). Sometimes download wont even start(timeout) or is downloaded some % and it stops.
  7. I should read that...I tried to flash: failed. updated rom is flashable? EDIT: updated works :-) gj
  8. Awesome! Thanks for keeping SU6 alive. Gonna test it ASAP ;-)
  9. Bostich

    Obligatory Post Your Homescreen Thread

    Feel so sorry for her :-)
  10. Bostich

    Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    What kind of issue? I didn't noticed yet.
  11. Bostich

    Xposed laggy

    Bok27: finally xposed works without any lags. Thanks man ;-)
  12. Bostich

    Xposed laggy

    Replacing the build.prop in twrp file manager is impossible for me. When I open /system in twrp file manager, folder is empty (only bin folder is there), so I can't access the file.
  13. Hi, is there any progress of fixing the Chrome?

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