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  1. Hey Paul, Would you take into consideration turning the SMS delivery reports notification for the stock messaging app into a toast like the one for Touchwiz devices? http://www.villainrom.co.uk/forum/microdownloads/deliverynotify-toast.23/viewfile Currently I'm having to turn the delivery reports off, because they behave too much like a normal sms message but would rather have them on, and stick to the stock app. Cheers
  2. I have only had this happen with my T-Mob Pay&Go sim... my Contract sim hasn't shown this problem yet ;)
  3. I've been using my bosses blackberry charger at work without any known side-effects... so yeah should be cool.
  4. Shame you won't have the battery life, lol :P
  5. IT FINALLY ARRIVED!!!.... and it worked!!! filled it pretty much all the way up with lots of videos and mp3's and both of them are playing fine without any lag or hitch at all So the Sandisk 4GB SDHC cards do seem to be compatible :)
  6. Still not arrived... just looked and it seems my order is on hold even though the card is in stock, sent the company an email yesterday morning but haven't had a reply yet... I've never had problems using them before :) ::EDIT:: well I spoke to someone in their support dept and found out the reason it was on old is because they MADE me chose the device I was planning to use the memory card in from a pre-defined list, which I just picked a random device... so they stalled the order because the device I chose didn't support the card.... anyway it is now on it's way and I should have it tomorrow at long last
  7. Well... the card didn't turn up today probably because of the postal strike on Friday (Damn Royal Mail! :) )... hopefully it should turn up tomorrow just before I leave for work, in which case if it does I'll give it a go at work and post my findings :P
  8. it was the Sandisk one that I ordered... as for your question on the class I'm not too sure :)
  9. well... I ordered one anyway cos payday rolled around and I had a bit of spare money, lol so I thought I'd take the chance... it should turn up on Monday so I'll post back once I have it and let you know what I found :)
  10. Has anyone else tried the 4GB SDHC cards and had any luck??? I don't really wanna take my chances on buying the card to find out it doesn't work... although I have oher uses for it.
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