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  1. I asked for my first Orange TyTn II to be replaced because of this, which I thought must be a fault but the replacement also had quite a bit of play. The replacement developed the 3G connection problem so that one has also been replaced. So I am now on my third handset and that also has quite a lot of play. I now think that it is normal.
  2. does indeed, thanks very much jimbouk. looks pretty good too, in windows mobile green. would like to try this skin in black though, as seen on the htc website. is there a htc black theme that works on the orange kaiser as well? al
  3. Hello folks, Just wondering if there is a hTC skin for Orange Kaisers, i.e. the dark one with the large clock and weather etc. Don't want to flash it mind! Ta Al
  4. Hello folks Only had my Orange TyTn II for a couple of days and am a bit concerned about the amount of play in the keypad (not the keyboard but the keypad on the front under the screen). It is particularly loose in the vertical direction but side to side as well. Had a look at someone elses and the play is there but its a lot tighter than mine. Is this a common problem? Trying to decide whether to ask Orange for a replacement! Thanks al
  5. Hello Peeps I have bought this Krussel case for my SPV-C600: It's supposed to fit the QTEK 8310, I-MATE SP5, T-MOBILE MDA II MUSIC, SPV C600 and the DOPOD 577w Trouble is its a very bad fit. It is not snug at all and needs to be bulked out with paper to be usable! Just wondering if it would be worth trying to get another one as a replacement or do they simply not fit C600s? Thanks Al
  6. The most cohesive info I have found is here: http://www.spv-developers.com/forum/showth...2361&page=6 including the links particularly this one: http://wiki.spv-developers.com/index.php/H...on_Unlock_Guide
  7. I have a C600 and stupidly flashed the new ROM. Having the same problems as others with TomTom, i.e. I have to start bluetooth manually and then start TomTom. Also there is no shortcut to the TomTom app in my start menu. I have now received an IMEI specific unlocking tool from the Orange Developers. It sucessfully disabled security but TomTom still doesn't work properly. I can't seem to find SDA Unlocker or any info about this. Do I need to run this and/or SPV-Services.exe as well as disabling security which I have already done? Thanks Al
  8. Hi Alan You are right it is glued. There are two ways of removing the cover that I know of. One is to slide a pen knife blade under and around the cover and slice through the glue. istr its glued on the sides at the top and bottom of the cover. Sadly you may damage the battery cover in the process - I did but never needed a spare battery cover anyway. The other way, that I have heard of but never tried, is to pour super glue remover into the recess. Its a pest but hopefully you'll remove it easily. hth Al
  9. For the price, the PC-Mobile adapter is very poor quality. The main flaw is the insulation - it needs to be thin to minimise the size of the spring and recoiler but it is so thin that the insulation splits and breaks away from the wires at the termination points. It only takes very little gentle use for this to happen. In my case I used it on average once a week for 1/2 hr at a time for 6 weeks - thats approx 3 hours use!! It only has a six month warranty. It should be priced at £4 or maybe £5 tops. I would not recommend the PC-Mobile adapter at all. The problem is the lack of alternatives :x
  10. HTC repairs are expensive (not to mention the postage) and the quality of the work seems to vary. Also you'll be without a phone if you don't have a spare. Just checked ebay and couldn't find a dummy c500 but they do come up quite regularly for 10 to 20 notes. Also there are a couple of Modaco members that sell fascias and other bits. If you get a dummy C500 the battery cover will be glued down but its easy enough to remove, as is the fascia, which is not glued in place. You will also have a new keypad and aerial cover. Replacing these parts (including the fascia) is fairly straight forward and won't affect your warranty because you don't need to touch the warranty seal. The only bummer is the dummy joysticks don't have tabs on them and are therefore unusable. Start with this thread for instructions on how to do this. Once you are familiar with removing the fascia you will be able to do it quickly and easily in future to clean out the dust! HTH al
  11. ok no one knows, never mind done it now. I removed the battery cover by sliding the blade of a pen knife under the edges all of the way round. This did the trick but damaged the cover very slightly. For anyone else that wants to refurb their c500 with a dummy phone, I would say with the benefit of hindsight the best way is to use super glue remover around the upper and lower tabs and then ease it off. more keywords: fake fascia scratch dropped
  12. Hello Peeps I just got hold of a dummy C500 to refurb my battered one. The problem is I can't remove the battery cover cos its seems to be stuck down! Which is understandable I guess to stop the battery covers getting nicked in shops :twisted: Anyone know how to get it off :o without resorting to brute force? Cheers Al
  13. Yeah this is awesome, well done! I have tweaked it a bit so as to have 12 hr smaller clock and both the monitor and weather info. The only problem is that you can't scroll through or select phone numbers in call history.
  14. I have been folloiwing both of the threads about this with interest but have never heard this sound bug. Although I haven't had my ears tested, I am pretty sure that I can hear a wider than average dynamic range. I listen to all types of music on my C500's 1gb miniSD card, mostly at encoded with Lame at 320kb/s, sometimes with my Shure E5C earbuds. The E5C's are insanely sensitive and way too revealing for the C500 so they would pick up a tss noise if it were there. hth al
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