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  1. Seems to have resolved itself, I switched the pone off a few times, but I think the issue is with getting SU (SUper user) rights established... Seems to work now although I'm not sure if I can remember what I did. Oopsie!
  2. So, as a new android user, I've rooted my desire HD, and have generally made a bit of progress in using this... When loading Titanium and going to backup/restore, only 6 apps appear - bluetooth settings, accounts and sync, wi-fi access, country language and time zone and accounts. One time I loaded, there must have been 60 or more options, but for all the tea in China, I can't find these options any more. Have I done something stupid or made a daft oversight? Any pointers would as ever be appreciated B)
  3. emyllis

    Fast File Hosting and Download for FREE

    and regarding dropbox: for any students/teachers who use dropbox and have an .edu/school email address, you can double your allowance by clicking on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/edu
  4. And for any students/teachers who use dropbox and have an .edu/school email address, you can double your allowance by clicking on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/edu I used it on my work (.sch) account and I got extra space - 9 gig extra. A winner...
  5. Congrats too! I'm a regular reader but an irregular poster. Isn't it awful...
  6. emyllis

    Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support

    Silly question: Do I have to have an exchange server for this to work? Just not sure as I don't have it, but would like push email... Thanks!
  7. So then, I rang up Vodafone today and was offered it on a Business Deal, no questions asked... I'm just waiting to see if it's "legal" for a non business customer to have a business contract or if i'll run into problems regarding tax etc. But otherwise I hope to have my phone with me asap ;)
  8. I should also add I'm a teacher and therefore not a business, despite being in charge of over 600 "members of the workforce"...
  9. Is this legal?... I'd like a HTC touch pro 2 on vodafone (currently with t-mobile), but it's only available on business tarifs. I spoke to "personal" customer service, and explained why I'd like the phone; they transferred me to business services, and I've gone as far as getting a credit check on myself (should be fine)... Now, if I get this on a business tarif as opposed to customer deals, will that cause me any problems? Will I be liable to get a visit from HMRI and the tax office? It appears to me like this is a great deal, get a great phone on a good deal... I'm just wary in case I make a mistake... Can anyone advise me please?
  10. Similar to other queries, My contract TNTY2 (Kaiser) runs out next Friday, and I'd love to get a Touch Pro 2, but T-mobile don't seem keen on stocking it - or when I spoke to them they didn't have info about it, and said it wouldn't be available for a few months :D Does anyone know otherwise please?
  11. google "Revival PPC" or "Revival PPC Trial" should reveal loads of sites to download it. I did it yesterday, played with it for 5 mins then called it a day...
  12. emyllis

    GPS battery life on Kaiser

    well unless the batteries shot, I can't think what would cause battery life to go from say 100% to 30% in about 4 hours, other than if GPS was on? Hmm. I thought it was odd to lose so much power so quickly...
  13. hmm! I was fully charged this morning (a night plugged in), put the GPS on to get to work and I checked at 12:30 to see it's down to 30% charge, despite me shutting down the sat nav. Is there any way I can have "if not used for 10 mins", then cancel sat nav being on? or am i going to have this as a permanent problem?! Thanks
  14. Simple query. My contract runs out tomorrow, I've had a hermes for 18 months which i'vee been delighted with - The kaiser looks nice but with concerns over video etc, I'm wondering what else I could have!? Any comments would be grateful, otherwise on Saturday I'll probably go for the Kaiser!

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