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  1. Wot the man said :D fingers crossed for background apps.
  2. Jeesssss, if only you can get a specially crafted e-mail through the iPhone [with MobileMe], I'd be overjoyed :D Yes I'm one of that tiny minority called the "1percenters".............. <_<
  3. Having to spin the phone around in the air like that to change from portrait to lanscape seems a bit much :D
  4. I've used SPB Wallet 2 on my M3100 since Beta and it's always performed really well. New version backed up and restored without any issues. As always the backup software is only as good as it's ability to restore, a corrupt backup is not nice, not nice at all. :D
  5. got it from http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firef...〈=en-GB the download came from a mirror in japan though.
  6. I'm counting on the "3 Italy" (August - Venice area anyone been and tried the availability ?) as well but with a mobile broadband dongle. I have a 3 PAYG sim knocking around as well, might just put that in the Hermes for the cheaper phone calls. :-)
  7. Anyone tried this Emansio push-email ? http://www.emansio.com/index.jsp Push-email for 20GBP, but no sync of contacts or calendar.
  8. Hi Matt, have you checked whether you have MAC control turned on on your wi-fi router ? Is it blocking access from your device. If so add the MAC address of your device into the address tables on the router. HTH David
  9. CorePlayer is GBP11.39 ($22.97) from http://www.clickapps.com/moreinfo.htm?pid=...p;section=SMART or http://www.clickapps.com/moreinfo.htm?pid=...amp;section=PPC at the moment. You know what they say, every little helps....
  10. what exactly is the full url for the FHM site ? Purely to check to see if I get the same problem you understand :D
  11. Have you tried this.... http://www.unlockme.co.uk/securitynew.html
  12. Activesync does that. Use a card reader and copy the files over.
  13. I've not found anything cheaper,, I'll have to have a look at the 3 tariff Jimbouk points out. I've got a sim only deal with WnW basic, so that's £15/month (7.50 for phone inc 50mins + 7.50 for WnW), but no text (which isn't a biggy for me). I actually sent a message to T-Mo CS earlier to see about moving up to WnW plus and see if I can get the hotspot access.
  14. Anyone [else] using MS Skydrive ? Over the last day or so it's gone from Beta to live, and increased available storage space from 1gb to 5gb. I know that's just about your getting on for being your average USB stick drive these days, 5gb online web storage is pretty good, esp as it's free.
  15. Keep an eye on Brando, or drop them an e-mail. Although they are in Hong Kong, I've had a few things from them ( a very nice cradle for my M3100 for one), and their service has been great. http://shop.brando.com.hk/
  16. Sherweb is a Hosted Exchange provider, they have the Exchange servers like your web host has the web servers. Sign up for an account and then configure your WM6 devices ActiveSync to connect to the Exchange server and activate DirectPush on the device to check for messages. The DirectPush facility "pings" (sort of) the Exchange server to check for new messages if it gets a suitabel response, ActiveSync downloads the message (or part of depending on your message settings).
  17. No, plenty of push mail, still on Sherweb, good for mail on the move, but gMail has the edge of space for a mail "archive" :D
  18. Thinking of getting this one, is it worth it ? Yep with you on that one, although I'd add shooting to the list. I'm tempted by that one, not so sure now. Heatseeker - too slow Endless Ocean - damn soundtrack get's right on my nerves, only two tracks by Clannad I think :) Big Brain Academy -prefer the DS version Sponge Bob Squarepants - good collection of levels on regular platform game, entertaining. Must say at this point all the games are my kids choices :D
  19. Welcome to the club. After around 6 months, I'm still trying to think what to do with the sharepoint :) Although saying that, today I completed migrating all my Outlook messages to gMail. After all they've given me 6gb of space, it would be rude not to try and use it all.
  20. that'll save me a whole years stress having to remember getting cards :)
  21. I relalise that a lot of you spend so much time on the forums that getting out to get a card for Valentines Day is hard, so here you go, here's one you can use instead...
  22. Nice write up, thanks. I've been using DynDns for a while, and it's really useful (esp as a backup website when the main host is down :) [memo to me: change host when year's up]). As for Remote control, this software would only work on Win XP Pro or Win2000 Pro wouldn't it ? Win XP Home does not have the ability to "remote to" only "remote from". If on XP home, VNC (UltraVNC is my preferred flavour) is a nice alternative, there are VNC clients for PPC around as well (and for free :D ). Another alternative, discussed a few weeks ago on the forums is Logmein
  23. have you got it installed on SD card or Main Memory. I seem to recall this sort of problem when it launced with people installing on sd card. If so uninstall it and reinstall to main memory.
  24. those keys look painted to me, mine don't light up. The green & red phone buttons do but not the others.
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