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  1. OK . tried it spencer and it didn't work , i'm getting thin vertical green lines occasionaly flashing on the screen too . thanks for your help tho and I bet it will help others out .
  2. thanks Spencer , really appreciate your help with this , would the best way to flash this ,save it to an sd card and apply it in the recovery mode selecting the sd card option ?
  3. oh dear , thanks mole looks like i'm screwed !
  4. thanks very much for taking the time to reply . It has android build 20150917.142239 which does not fall within the range you gave , would this mean it has the Lollipop update ,how could I find out as it won't let me access anything being stuck in this bootloop ?
  5. I think my daughters hudl 2 has bitten the dust , It will not get past the initial bootup stage , sometimes freezes at various times whilst doing this on some of the start up items ,the android logo even the hudl logo, somtimes on the hudl logo the star doesn't flash and the tune in the background is stuck on ! ,then tries to reboot , I have even got as far as conncting to wi-fi and it crashes again ,sometimes going into recovery mode without me even selecting it , I have tried the options in recovery mode ie, full system factory restore,wipe cache etc and nothing works , it still hangs on the bootup . It appears to hold charge ok . Is it fit for the bin or can the operating system be reinstalled to save it or would rooting fix it ? not sure how to enable the de-bugging thing as it won't get that far . My pc knowledge is very basic , please go easy on me lol. thanks in advance
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