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  1. Hey there, I got the HD7 as soon as it was released as I was under the impression that HTC were still the main manufacturer of Microsoft smartphones but I'm guessing this is no longer the case. The LG Optimus 7 is clearly a much better spec handset, apparently containing a Tegra 2 chip, although I seem to find conflicting information on that one, but it has augmented reality functionality and DNLA support. How on earth did LG manage to get a device out with more advanced functionality than HTC? This confuses me and just suggests that Microsoft are working closer with LG now. I'm actually considering selling my HD7 and getting an unlocked LG Optimus 7 now, various reasons besides the couple mentioned above, I also regularly get weird graphical glitches and have to restart the device, seemingly after listening to music. Anyone else feel the HD7 has been a let down?
  2. Wohoo! I'm now using the RUU_Diamond_HTC_WWE_1.93.707.1_Radio_Signed_Diamond_52.29.25.12_1.00.25.05_Ship ROM and everything appears to be running smoothly, and noticably faster, unless it's my imagination.
  3. cheers for the information dude that's fantastic, i'm gonna have a go at re-flashing my phone shortly :D
  4. How do I use one of the newer roms on an Orange device? I get an invalid vendor ID for those.
  5. I hate the way that mobile phone manufacturers have what could technically be the ultimate mobile device but then remove a feature that a massive number of users actually use quite allot. Saying that no Wifi isn't a big deal is fair enough if you don't use it, but I use Wifi on my Touch quite often, as I did on my M600 too. Although this has some really excellent changes and the 400mhz cpu really glides that Touch flo menu rather than chugging it along when it had only 200mhz, I think the lack of Wifi is a huge let down. If the HTC Cruise had a keypad then I would get that, but now I dunno if I want to spend the money upgrading to the Touch Dual. I don't have a flat rate data plan and am reluctant to change my call plan as Orange can't match it with any of their other offers at the moment. Big disappointment from me :(
  6. Hi there, I am having great difficulties configuring my new HTC Touch. I would like to do the following, 1. Connect to my wifi (which I can currently do) 2. Connect to the internet through my wifi (can't get it working) Sounds pretty simple I know! I have an M600 and have no problems getting that to do what I want it to do, but the Touch just sits at "Locating" and can't connect to anything. I can on the other hand plug it into my pc using the USB connector and it passes through to the net like that, and also connect via a GPRS connection, but not through my wifi. Also, how do you configure EDGE? Cheers for your time and help in advance. Nick.
  7. Hi there, I've recently been recieving calls from a company claiming to be Orange saying they will upgrade my phone as I am a high user. And that I am, I can spend anything from £100 to £200 a month on my mobile, so I deserve a free upgrade about 2 months before my contact expires. Anyway, I *thought* it was Orange, after all they almost always are from Sunderland / Newcastle etc. I twigged that it was a hoax once asked my address to send the phone too, fair enough, maybe just for confirmation, but I broke when he asked if I had any credit cards... No way, you can put your lips against my brown eye mate! After talking to Orange about this they confirmed that it was probably a company trying to hijack my mobile account, and that I might recieve a sim update soon that will disconnect me. So to sum things up, how can I reject sim updates? Nick.
  8. I think (not positive) what the phone actually does is pass the data onto the phone before it puts it into the memory card, so it's not as straight forward as it seems. This probably means the lousy file transfer is down to the software in the phone not buffering correctly, does anyone know of any apps for smartphone 2003 that enable you to use file transfer via the serial port and place the file where you like? If this isn't available maybe I should work on one, as I would like some form of reliable file transfer without having to take the card out..... Anyway, cheers for any help in advance again.
  9. Hi there, As I am without my card reader at this moment in time I am using ActiveSync and the supplied USB cable to transfer files to my new Sandisk 512mb card. Unfortunately this process does not want to complete, the most I have had it do is probably about 10% of a 250mb file before it either restarts or stops completely. Has anyone else tried doing this or know of any other software that I can run to do this? what about some kind of FTP app that transfers in smaller chunks? Though I have no idea what the problem is. Cheers in advance!! Nick.
  10. Hi there, I've had an SPV C500 for about a week or so now and I love the thing, with one exception. I've downloaded Homescreens from various places and thought they were fine, except when it comes to actually *removing* them. What's the deal with this? Why do some themes insist on leaving the background image for the menu there? I tried creating a blank theme but could not find the element in the XML file that actually told the phone what background to use for particular parts, specifically (startup, shutdown and menu background images). I'm sure it must be something "I'm" doing and not a bug with the phone is it? I *would* like loads of themes on my phone but if I can't trust half of them because they don't default *all* values before applying there own; how can I? Shouldn't this be up to the phone to do each time it applies a new theme and not mingle with values of the previous theme? Cheers loads in advance! Nick.
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