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  1. These things are more: who has the time and energy to work at this problem
  2. Is this upgrade worth going through the hassle of backing everything up, removing root, upgrading, and then finally installing everything again?
  3. Yeah it's sad... oh well
  4. lmod

    The end of de road

    Damn :( Thanks for the hard work!
  5. lmod

    Which rom do you use?

    GYPSY ROM because it solved a few niggling bugs I had
  6. You mean speakers sound better because of Dolby?
  7. You're saying that it allows me to edit files but on reboot it resets the files to their original state? Seems strange because when I first got the phone, I couldn't edit any root files at all (nothing would save) but now I can
  8. Mine was write protected when I got it but curiously it isn't any more... my file explorer can access and change root files while booted.
  9. is it possible to turn off shutter sound on snapdragon cam?
  10. notice any performance improvements?
  11. lmod


    How do you guys switch ROMs so frequently? My apps and data take a while to backup/restore and not all of them come trhough when I automate it (Titanium)
  12. Why are people obsessed with this feature. It even wastes battery by keeping the CPU active.
  13. Still no reason to believe that you even have a better phone. PS. I have an iPhone 8
  14. What do you mean change phones every year? You only change phones if you want to change phones. Just like how your s7 will serve you well, so will the su6. It's not like this phone will suddenly look out of place in a few years, and if it does then the s7 will also.
  15. who buys a full HD phone to make it not full HD

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