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  1. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I couldn't get into anything except recovery menu on hudl. I managed to get connected via a windows 7 pc in the end. I downloaded a couple of different hudl 1 roms, and one of them seemed to update the recovery files so I somehow got clockwork mod recovery on there! I've now transfered am image (I think it's a rooted, tesco bloat Ware removed, image). Initially all I could get on reboot was the Hudl star in centre of screen. I put it on charge for a bit, and rebooted and it's now fully working (7 year old daughter very happy! Dad, not so happy! Lol) One strange thing is that I no longer get the charging battery animation screen, just the star in centre of screen, when charging.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I managed to connect to the Hudl 1 via a windows 7 pc. Unfortunately, the Hudl couldn't get past the android recovery screen priority to that (two screws loose inside case, so perhaps a short wiped something?), so I couldn't access anything on hudl at the time.
  3. tried sorry if this has been covered / answered already elsewhere. I have searched in google and couldn't get any solutions. My daughter's Hudl 1 had been playing up, not charging properly. We'd already had the USB charging port replaced successfully over a year ago. catches up, and lots of things flash on and off / open on the screen. Since it shut down, all I can get back is the Android system recovery <3e> screen with the 7 menu options, and at the bottom it says "Recovery System v4.2.41" I've got windows 10 on my laptop now, and had previously installed ADB software to back up another samsung tablet, but i don't think it's working properly in windows 10. I've searched through and found some advice on getting adb drivers onto windows 10, but I seem to be stuck with the official microsoft ones, even when turning driver signing off. I was hoping to recover it either by installing / recovering from an image on the external SD card, or from something like the clockworkmod root process etc. I'm not sure what to do as even some images I've downloaded from other posts, dont seem to be recognised by the "apply update from ADB", apply update from external storage, apply update from cache etc. I've tried these drivers: http://androidmtk.com/download-universal-adb-driver
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