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  1. @srfarias My work is to get the best rom . As replacing the launcher with a less RAM consuming one it frees RAM. Also why people are saying that my rom has the best speed and less lag than others ( Lollipop roms only) ?
  2. @Nemesix2 The kernel is always optimized inside the rom ( don't worry about that ) @Mr Voland Not really my interest . I am trying to make the best lollipop rom for our devices @abayani How are you not seeing it ? Look closely
  3. CYANOGENMOD 12 BY FLRIZDARKK FOR G510 AND Y300 Why CyanogenMod 12 (5.0.2 ) when is developed CM13? Since our devices is slow on newer versions of Android , I tested all versions of Android (from 5.0 to 6.0.1) and found out that 5.0.2 has the best Lollipop performance! SCREENSHOTS (BETA1): FEATURES! : No Blackscreen Bug Good Battery Life All CM features Good Performance Working Onwer panel Good Gaming Performance What works !: Wifi Bluetooth Camera (only pictures for now) Working Onwer Panel GPS Video (Software Decoding) Calls 2G,3G Data Most Not working !: Video (Hardware Decoding) FM RADIO DOWNLOAD LINKS: ROM (BETA 1) : http://adf.ly/1b7Bdj GAPPS : http://adf.ly/1VK8qP (Any GAPPS will work - Select ARM>5.0>Pico - Pico installs Google Play Store and Frameworks) Note! : If using OpenGAPPS delete Optional folder from the gapps zip ! (Fixes Android Keyboard Crash !) Donate ! : Please donate via PayPal to support my work at : [email protected] Any donation is appreciated! Thank you !
  4. @markoprogramer Yes it is however must of us install the normal version of Facebook from Play Store instead of the optimized ones .
  5. @naudysp18 Blame Huawei not releasing a single android update for our device
  6. @naudysp18Thanks for suggesting . Snapchat videos don't work because is missing hardware decoding .
  7. @Alsking Game performance from Beta 5 will remain the same or better (if it will be better I will mention it in changelog) Feel free to test it yourself as it has been tested by different testers .
  8. @BlackTears 1 No you cannot change the color scheme because is stock Android (just like Nexus) 2.No since is stock Android 3.I will try to add that however is not sure .
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