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  1. Yeah, they are an old thread and must be not appropriate anymore in recent build. You right, its kind of fun though doing experiment like this. I'll try another recent tweak for this. Btw, any clue for changing DNS ?
  2. KonstaT, Thankyou for replying, i hope i can explain well since english is not my native language. About internal storage, in your last build, i cant see my internal storage anymore ( 1,78 GB ), i already check fstab, but it does mount all partition correctly. Or it was mounted as /data ? So i was doing some experiment with boot.img from your previous build then i get this ( better explain it with picture below ). About performance, I was also having performance issue and the most irritating one is when I get a phone call, my device is ringing but my screen doesnt come up with option to answer the call. So, I was looking some solution for this, since I really like your CM13 build ( this rom is very clean ). For swap vs zram, i was started my experiment by reading this thread ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1851991 ). They said, swap is better then zram ( and usually we put it in sdcard by creating swap partition on it ) but in most article it will make sdcard degrade in its life cycle. And according to this thread ( http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/74795-swapon-function-not-implemented/ ) since we only have 512 MB of RAM, so it will be useless if i still want to use swap in sdcard. But If I put it in /system or /data, it will reduce the size of its partition. So, I decided to create that swap in zram by putting it in init.d files. I dont know if it placebo or not, but my device feel more snappier then before. I do put some tweaks also in sysctl.conf, build.prop, 3g tweak and i also use apps like greenify, fstrim, servicely and restricted some apps in privacy guard especially for gapps. Now with 30 user apps ( including Clash of Clan, Chrome and Youtube :) ), i still feel this device very smooth, and I never kill apps that still running in background after doing that swap thing. Maybe i was wrong by doing it, but that was what I've done to my device, please correct me. Sorry for the long post. :). Cheers.
  3. Another tweak, activating swap. echo "20" > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness echo "1" > /sys/block/zram0/reset mkswap /dev/block/zram0 swapon /dev/block/zram0 hope it can help others whose encounter performance issue. reference from CM Forum.
  4. Just want to share, I just give a shot for this an old tweak for internet speed I found in other forum and can't believe it works in CM13. Link : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=42185612&postcount=100 I used to get 300-500 kB/s, but after applying that tweak, I always get above 1,2 mB/s. update : move to other place to test, i still get above 1,2 MB/s. this is nice. Cheers.
  5. For tweaks, try Seeder, though some people said it doesnt work in MM, but when i try it, it does make some difference, so i keep it. Also, add another tweak in build.prop is helpful too.
  6. I was playing with your latest build, but i combined with boot.img from your " 20160108" build, i got my internal storage back. Hope that information help.
  7. Yes, my mistake, it wasnt my script, i just uploaded again to see how much user been download it. I was curious too if it really help someone else. The proper credit goes to your link. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=65104843&postcount=49 And yes, it wasnt a script, its only build.prop property. For your question, what and why, i cant answer it, since i dont have any knowledge about it. I still learn it from you. Update : i have edit my previous post, sorry for missleading about what i meant actually. searching in all over of xda thread, looks like this line is also important. "ro.telephony.ril.config=simactivation" ( but, i still dont know why )... :)
  8. I dont know my friend, i just trying to help others. That patch from this link, i've been uploaded again, has been downloaded for 72 times now, but no one complaining if it doesnt work or if it does work, so i just assuming if it work. For the patch it self, as i'm just a beginner, i dont see any differences with your patch.
  9. You can use titanium backup to uninstall / move some gapps to sdcard, but not all of those gapps could be moved to sd card. Or you can use system app uninstaller ( download in play store ) and remove all apps that begin with "Google...". And install another smaller gapps, you must activate root for this option.
  10. Core Gapps should be flashed, its in the first post. I believe Play Store must be included even if you download the minimum install package like pico gapps.
  11. Ok, i had change the way I implement the tweak. You turned on another light bulbs in my head. :).
  12. Looking some advice from you. ;). Im thinking, is it worth write it all directly in to kernel? If it does, which stage should i put it ? I already try a few line, and how do i check it, if it does really work? I dont wanna use kernel adiutor, set cpu or other apps, if i could implement it through script.
  13. Done changing to permissive. Now its good, at least for me. And yes, it was from your CM13 build. I was confuse about tweaking this build and using toybox, since i got used with busybox, so i was forcing this rom to use busybox, my purpose is making it more battery friendly. I have made some adjusment for scheduler ( you are using bfq which is more power consume from my experience ) so i changed it to noop and add some other performance tweak i found in other forum for balancing. And also doing other governor tweak... etc, ( you must be more expert on this one ). Now, i found this rom more suitable for me. Consume 0.2% per hr. :). Btw, git clone from your source is really make me to be more patience, i dont have a fast data connection. ;). So the option for me now is tweaking this rom. I will try again when my router got fixed. Yay, new build..... Thanks.
  14. Yes, the permissions is fine. i've checked it several times. Hmm.. I must screwed up somewhere. Its time to do clean install.... again. Update : After doing clean install, i got error with SELinux policy ? 02-04 16:59:13.169 141 141 I auditd : type=1403 audit(0.0:2): policy loaded auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 02-04 16:59:13.179 141 141 I auditd : type=1404 audit(0.0:3): enforcing=1 old_enforcing=0 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 02-04 16:59:16.079 172 172 I auditd : type=1400 audit(0.0:4): avc: denied { remount } for comm="busybox" scontext=u:r:sysinit:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:labeledfs:s0 tclass=filesystem permissive=0 02-04 16:59:16.079 172 172 I auditd : type=1400 audit(0.0:5): avc: denied { remount } for comm="busybox" scontext=u:r:sysinit:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:labeledfs:s0 tclass=filesystem permissive=0 02-04 16:59:16.089 175 175 I auditd : type=1400 audit(0.0:6): avc: denied { remount } for comm="busybox" scontext=u:r:sysinit:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:labeledfs:s0 tclass=filesystem permissive=0 02-04 16:59:16.089 175 175 I auditd : type=1400 audit(0.0:7): avc: denied { remount } for comm="busybox" scontext=u:r:sysinit:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:labeledfs:s0 tclass=filesystem permissive=0 02-04 16:59:16.089 169 169 I auditd : type=1400 audit(0.0:8): avc: denied { write } for comm="00test" name="/" dev="mmcblk0p13" ino=2 scontext=u:r:sysinit:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:system_data_file:s0 tclass=dir permissive=0 03-17 18:38:58.323 205 205 I boot_progress_start: 11741 03-17 18:38:59.132 205 205 I boot_progress_preload_start: 12550 03-17 18:39:03.795 205 205 I boot_progress_preload_end: 17213 03-17 18:39:04.236 717 717 I boot_progress_system_run: 17653 03-17 18:39:04.802 717 717 I boot_progress_pms_start: 18220 03-17 18:39:05.361 717 717 I boot_progress_pms_system_scan_start: 18780 03-17 18:39:13.095 717 717 I boot_progress_pms_data_scan_start: 26514 03-17 18:39:20.982 717 717 I boot_progress_pms_scan_end: 34400 03-17 18:39:21.147 717 717 I boot_progress_pms_ready: 34565
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