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  1. Thanks for the reply! I tried moving back the items I had on the SD card but then got a notification saying the storage was nearly full and was showing as red in the Smart Manager. Is there a way round this? I managed to remove the other two SD card not inserted by tapping on them and selecting remove. Also I went back to normal by clicking on the SD card and then there's an option to reformat which I did and it separated the SD card as it was before. I did this because of the notification about storage being full. Great find though and it does seem to work. Have you had any problems with storage after you've changed the SD to adopted storage?
  2. Hi, I have a question about this. When I entered the command "sm list-disks" I got 179,0 as the disk. I then proceeded with the next command "sm partition disk:179,0 private" and then it came back to the blank shell command prompt. I've now got device storage 138 used out of 256 as attached and when I use FreeSpace Plus, I can't see the three types of disk - internal, FAT SD and Adopted SD. I get something totally different as per picture. Have I done it correctly? After partitioning FreeSpace Plus screenshot
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