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  1. Awesome, thanks for your reply. I've got the TLR ROM on there at the moment which is pretty similar to the original so I'll see how it goes.
  2. Hi All, I've had some bizarre problems with my Vario III lately. Basically only when charging in the car, the phone appears to be charging (orange status light by earpiece lights up, battery status screen shows the phone is charging) but no charge appears to be taken (the battery level keeps dropping). Then after 2 or so minutes, the orange status light goes off but all else remains the same (backlight stays on etc). This is the same in my cradle wired directly to the stereo power and from several cigarette lighter car chargers. Works fine with other phones. Anyway, T-Mobile have agreed to exchange the device, but I have a slightly cooked ROM on it at the moment. Should I revert back to the original ROM before sending it back and if so does anyone have the original Vario III ROM available! Cheers.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I don't really want to replace the radio in my car as it's a new car, and I don't really need tom tom as I have it on the phone. Is there another bluetooth kit that will definatly allow me to route music and sat nav sound through the stereo?
  4. I'm trying to get a cradle that will allow me to run the sound from the phone through my stereo. Has anyone seen anthiny that does this with the Kaiser? Want the SatNav to run through the speakers and the ability to play music too. Someone suggested using a Parrot kit with A2DP but I'd like to know how well this works for music quality etc.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your post. The item above simply charges the device, but there is another product on Expansys that might do what I need... http://www.expansys.com/d.aspx?partner=modaco&i=140720 I'm really out of my depth here though, plus it doesn't say it's compatible with the TyTN 2/Vario 3.
  6. Hi All, I recently picked up my Vario 3 and am really pleased with it. Loving the built in GPS in particular. Anyways... I'm looking to get a cradle for the phone and understand there is one on the way from Brodit. I had one for my original vario which was great. But now I want to be able to play music from the phone through the car stereo and have the Tom Tom instructions through the speakers too. I've spoken to one company that says there is no cradle that is compatible with the Kaiser yet. They suggested a Parrot Bluetooth kit with A2DP but has anyone got one of these working with a Kaiser variant or similar? I want to be sure it works and works well before I invest! Or has anyone got any other suggestions? Thanks for any info.
  7. THANK YOU! Just ordered mine. Got it free on my 18 month Flext 35 contract. Arriving tomorrow before 1! GET IT!
  8. Thanks for your response. Looks like i've got no excuse not to get the Kaiser now!
  9. Slightly off track, but does anyone know how long it usually takes for companies (particularly Brodit) to make holders for new phones such as the Kaiser? My contract is up in about a months time, but i don't really want to upgrade until I can mount the phone nicely for sat nav etc. Cheers.
  10. Hey, My friend experienced an odd issue a few weeks ago on his Vario whereby he logged in and it claimed someone was online. He checked the persons properties and it was someone he hadn't spoken to for some time. Started chatting to them to find out it wasn't actually that person, but a completely different contact. Pretty weird huh!? Well it's happening to me now! If i sign in to MSN any 2 of the contacts that are online will be given the name and properties of my girlfriend and friend! It's extremely confusing, but can't be just us that's experiencing it..... Can it??
  11. Just to add to the debate, I'm also on the poor mans Web n Walk (Standard) and am having no problems at all connecting to MSN on my Vario. It is the original MSN messenger though, not the Live messenger and certainly not WM6!
  12. Probably not much help, but I remember reading something about a switch in the headphone socket getting stuck and sticking the phone permanently in handsfree mode. That was with a smartphone too AFAIK.
  13. Yeah, hindsight is a wonderful thing! I know my local Carphone Warehouse is my nearest Nokia Service Center, but does anyone know how much it will cost to have it repaired?? And does anyone want to buy some spare parts for a 6111?? ;)
  14. Hi All, My girlfriend has a Nokia 6111 (the little pink one!) that she's put through a quick cycle in the washing machine! Anyways, the battery appears to be knackered as it will not do anything unless plugged in to charge. When on charge I can turn on the phone, and it will make the "startup" sound and I can then press buttons and hear a tone. However, nothing appears on the screen. I've bought a new screen on ebay and fitted it, but still nothing. I bought a new flex ribbon that attached the front and back PCB's and fitted that but still nothing. I've even bought and fitted the PCB the screen attaches too. And guess what....nothing! So now i've spend about £35 and still got a pretty poorly phone! Anyone got any advice?
  15. Unfortunatly the plan is to scrap the car once we reach Poland and catch a flight home. The flight is already booked, but we're already becoming quite attached to the car, so it might be a tearfull goodbye! Well, we're going through the MOT checklist tomorrow ready for the test on Friday, so I might change my mind soon!
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