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  1. Hello, can anyone point me to a working download for these images please? Rooted Image for 20141009.191216 (r1): DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - ZIP MD5: 3861a3769b08b671fd86c8d9d748e4a2 / Image MD5: 6d424b3f32c1b0fe94f1e841d5042e63 ADB / Fastboot tools: DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - ZIP MD5: 299162039f527bc361221fb526976fc7 I can't believe that nobody has a copy spinning on a disk somewhere? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I am a bit late to the game, I know. I got to page 15 but it's taking ages... I believe the version I have is ok, but could someone confirm it for me please? KOT49H.rel.android-build.20141009.191216 release-keys I've only ever seen 20141009.191216 and am not sure if there is anything screwy about the release-keys ! Also, there is hudl update asterisk waiting to be applied. I have no idea which version this is, but I'd be happy to prevent it. Would it be possible after rooting to simply freeze the system service, or will it force me to apply it? Thanks! Brian Williams
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