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  1. Wow nice! Thanks a lot. That was quite fast :D
  2. So, after the KRACK exploit discovered, are we getting a security update to patch wpa_supplicant? I'm aware Lineage released a patch for 14.1 builds and I read somewhere that it was being backported to 13.0 builds but I'm not sure about that.
  3. Yay! :D You don't stop surprising me. I've been testing it and most things work as expected. There still still the invalid number thing after a call but I don't really mind it. The U23 patch works perfectly. I need to donate to you again :D
  4. Ok I'm gonna quote myself that moment when had ril issues. With lineage happened the same thing, ril wasn't working after applying the patch. Rebooted several times so I could discard that I did something wrong. So since what I said didn't have too much sense, I tried to find out differences between the two patches. Some other lines were added to build.prop in the old versions so after some tests I found out that "ro.telephony.ril.config=simactivation" is now also necessary to make ril work in the U23 variant. Everything else is working as expected. :)
  5. Ok, cool. I'll have to test it these days. Thanks for your work
  6. Nice :D is it necessary to do a fresh installation? or it can be updated directly? Also I suppose I must wait for the U23 patch
  7. Ok, I just tested CM 13 with the patch and things like camera, fm, rotation and wifi worked as expected, however for some odd reason my sim wasn't being detected. I double checked that the dual sim was activated, and indeed it was, so I was having problems with RIL. I'm not good understanding logcats but I found these lines: 11-20 16:40:51.378 426 426 E PerMgrLib: modem get service fail 11-20 16:40:51.378 426 426 E PerMgrLib: QCRIL failed to register for modem However, from a video I posted you previously, I remember that RIL was working on the newest version of CM 13 but with old patch, so I tried installing the old patch, and then the new patch and it fixed it. I don't know what kind of problems could cause this, but right now is working OK
  8. My bad. I'm really sorry, I didn't read carefully. I just tested it from a fresh installation and SELinux was in enforcing mode. Camera, rotation and fm worked normally. I suppose that the patch still works
  9. Yeah, look at these videos. It's pretty much what you already said (fm and wifi working before the patch but not after) but it shows that SELinux changed and then the bfq i/o scheduler was missing: This is a fresh installation with the SELnux patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqs7svp4odbk2wd/Screencast_2016-11-17-16-33-07.mp4?dl=0 And this is after installing the U23 patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwaxz0bi5q78c9l/Screencast_2016-11-17-16-37-25.mp4?dl=0 If you need something else, I'll try to give as much information as possible
  10. I just tested the patch. It still works and fixes the rotation and the camera, however it changes SELinux to disabled. The patch it's replacing the new kernel with the old one right?
  11. Wow these are amazing news. Huawei finally made the complete source available? I can test the U23 patch btw
  12. He already stated that due to huawei not releasing the kernel source, he won't do it because it would be making an unstable rom. I've been using the Android-N-ify xposed module to have nice features from android nougat, if you want cm 14, you can try that
  13. Oh about doze, I've been using greenify and turned on the aggressive doze option and according to a greenify notification option, it was working so I suppose it's possible to have doze working with greenify.
  14. Damn, I was absent for some time and I didn't know that cm 13 was updated many times. CM 12.1 was perfect and then switched to CM 13 and is working great on my U23 variant. I need to donate you asap, I forgot last time. Also I can confirm that on cm 12.1 alarms were able to turn on the phone (a feature I discovered by accident) however right now leaving the phone turned on all night isn't so bad with doze. Also when I messaged huawei, they never answered me, I don't know if I should do it again .or it will be loss of time...
  15. Oh I used the support site's form. I'll try the email address then. Sadly I don't have contacts there Thanks, sounds working perfectly now

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