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  1. cool, and yes, you can use the magisk version as well. The link is in the first post: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046885
  2. thank you alonso for answering I will try it and any news I write .... about the Kernel if it is the same if it would support quiet ..... if you want to explain more in detail what differences or improvements this ROM has You're welcome. And about differences. The source was made by the Resurrection Remix team. It's based on LineageOS, so it has similar features. However it supports a lot of customizations that LinOS doesn't have. Just to mention a few, it includes Pie menu, gestures in any moment, more shortcuts in your lockscreen, change some animations and different Recent Apps options like Omniswitch, add a navigation bar with custom buttons and the list goes on. If you install the Magisk version, it will be rooted by default
  3. I was just checking the LineageOS 13, and yes, it should work. According to it, you need to install this patch. However it was meant to be used on CM 13 so I'm not sure if it works too on Nougat based roms. Just in case make a backup. In case it doesn't work you can manually modify your build.prop to make it work I'm not even sure what that is. Didn't developed the kernel. It's the same one used by KonstaG. I'm sorry, I can't answer your question No estoy seguro de qué es eso. Yo no desarollé este kernel. Es el mismo utilizado por KonstaG,. Lo siento, no puedo responder tú pregunta Also I have pending making a minor final update. Just set SELinux to Permisive by default and change some configuration names, because I literally copy pasted LineageOS 14's device tree made by KonstaG, so some names of the rom were copied too, you may notice that backups of this rom made in twrp will have LinOs' name. I may also do a repo sync again, in case something got updated to RR's nougat branch
  4. So, to bring back some life to this device, decided to build Resurrection Remix (nougat) (available here). I just built using the exact same device tree, vendor blobs and kernel source from KonstaT's github without touching it. Replaced the telephony-common used in LinOS 14, copied libboringssl-compat.so (to make the camera work). Applied the hack mentioned here and made a u23 patch by just replacing the boot.img from the last patch for LinOS 14 (using the defconfig for u23). I didn't make any change regarding to SELinux. The roms seems similar to LinOS 14 regarding stability I recently saw this post: In the Resurrection Remix build, it's set as Enforcing. So the last thing I'm missing is to set it to Permissive to be as stable as LinOS 14? Probably I won't make many builds because my computer dies building android nougat, so I want to upload a stable build so I can delete the source code.
  5. Hello. Using KonstaT's work, I decided to build Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 for Huawei Y5 (Y560-L01/L02/L03/U23). It's an unofficial and unsupported by the Resurrection Remix team. If you feel grateful, donate to KonstaT. Also I'm not responsible for any harm that you may cause to your device by flashing this ROM. Downloads Rootless Build: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046872 md5: 3c1e7374bc3fea1f024151e88a9c3999 Magisk build: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046885 md5: cf7940710e45bffd89e89566d6b798d8 Y560-U23 patch: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046968 md5: e45310484438501a2c395532646c698b If you are using the Magisk build for the U23, you will have to flash the Magisk zip (download from here) AFTER flashing the U23 patch. Google apps: The Open Gapps Project Sources (from KonstaT's work): Device Kernel Proprietaries Thanks: Resurrection Remix Team and everyone who worked on this project KonstaT who worked so hard for this device (donate to him). You can check his LineageOS 14.1 Extra notes for building the rom: Copy libboringssl-compat.so inside the lib folder from KonstaT's build to fix the camera Replace telephony-common.jar inside the framework folder from KonstaT's build to fix mobile network Delete some lines around here to remove pop-up after unlocking sim (look around the else statement) More extra notes While flashing the ROM, it may show some errors. Just ignore them.
  6. So, after the KRACK exploit discovered, are we getting a security update to patch wpa_supplicant? I'm aware Lineage released a patch for 14.1 builds and I read somewhere that it was being backported to 13.0 builds but I'm not sure about that.
  7. Yay! :D You don't stop surprising me. I've been testing it and most things work as expected. There still still the invalid number thing after a call but I don't really mind it. The U23 patch works perfectly. I need to donate to you again :D
  8. Ok I'm gonna quote myself that moment when had ril issues. With lineage happened the same thing, ril wasn't working after applying the patch. Rebooted several times so I could discard that I did something wrong. So since what I said didn't have too much sense, I tried to find out differences between the two patches. Some other lines were added to build.prop in the old versions so after some tests I found out that "ro.telephony.ril.config=simactivation" is now also necessary to make ril work in the U23 variant. Everything else is working as expected. :)
  9. Ok, cool. I'll have to test it these days. Thanks for your work
  10. Nice :D is it necessary to do a fresh installation? or it can be updated directly? Also I suppose I must wait for the U23 patch
  11. Ok, I just tested CM 13 with the patch and things like camera, fm, rotation and wifi worked as expected, however for some odd reason my sim wasn't being detected. I double checked that the dual sim was activated, and indeed it was, so I was having problems with RIL. I'm not good understanding logcats but I found these lines: 11-20 16:40:51.378 426 426 E PerMgrLib: modem get service fail 11-20 16:40:51.378 426 426 E PerMgrLib: QCRIL failed to register for modem However, from a video I posted you previously, I remember that RIL was working on the newest version of CM 13 but with old patch, so I tried installing the old patch, and then the new patch and it fixed it. I don't know what kind of problems could cause this, but right now is working OK
  12. My bad. I'm really sorry, I didn't read carefully. I just tested it from a fresh installation and SELinux was in enforcing mode. Camera, rotation and fm worked normally. I suppose that the patch still works
  13. Yeah, look at these videos. It's pretty much what you already said (fm and wifi working before the patch but not after) but it shows that SELinux changed and then the bfq i/o scheduler was missing: This is a fresh installation with the SELnux patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqs7svp4odbk2wd/Screencast_2016-11-17-16-33-07.mp4?dl=0 And this is after installing the U23 patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwaxz0bi5q78c9l/Screencast_2016-11-17-16-37-25.mp4?dl=0 If you need something else, I'll try to give as much information as possible
  14. I just tested the patch. It still works and fixes the rotation and the camera, however it changes SELinux to disabled. The patch it's replacing the new kernel with the old one right?
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