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  1. Ooh, yes please. Interesting, when added to basket shows up @ $219!
  2. There are 2 distinct genders, and despite everyone's apparent compulsion to merge the 2, we do like different things. I remember spending an absolute age on helping my wife choose a phone, and then trying to find a case that was feminine because she didn't like the stark plain look.
  3. ElGato65

    Coke Zero

    Never liked any of the "Diet" cola's, and to be honest I wouldn't say I was immediately taken to Pepsi Max, but I wouldn't drink anything else now. Used to swear by Coke, never too keen on Pepsi, but tried some the other day and although I wouldn't say I dislike it now, it wasn't as good as I remember. Pepsi Max now anytime. Guess I should add that I did try Coke Zero and although I'd prefer it over Diet anything, I currently prefer the Pepsi Max taste. I did feel though that it reminded me of my first taste of Pepsi Max, not bad, but not brilliant. By the way, didn't vote as none of the options were remotely appropriate for me.
  4. Recently built one using Zalman HD-160 case.
  5. Yeah, it's all down to 1:1 pixel mapping. I tried a few diff. resolutions, including 1280 x 720, none of which made any difference to the quality of the desktop. To be honest I haven't been putting too much effort into it, I may have another go sometime, but as the picture quality of HD material wasn't a fantastic amount different over DVI than VGA, I may just stick with VGA. That way I get to use a nice 1368x768 screen res for desktop that looks picture perfect and the videos still look very good.
  6. Yes, DVI now working properly. Really don't know why I didn't realise that before. It was only when talking about it on here that I remembered something I read a while back, that graphics cards will default to the first connector it "sees" and use that, so it was alwaya operating through the VGA port. Although I could get a picture from the DVI at the same time it was not HD. How ever I must say that although the HD movies looked better, it wasn't by a fantastic amount, and at the sacrifice of a poorer windows desktop display, so I have switched back to the VGA cable where I get a spot on desktop and a hardly noticeable drop in quality when playing videos, HD or otherwise.
  7. I wasn't calling 1386x768 res. VGA. I merely stated I was using what is commonly known as a VGA cable connection from PC to TV. If you want to split hairs, I'm also sure a switch is a switch, and an ADSL Modem is an ADSL Modem. Whether it modulates or demodulates is immaterial to the majority, as they are commonly known as Modems. You can how ever get ADSL Modems with in built switches, or is it the other way around?
  8. I set up my newly built HTPC using VGA -> VGA @ 1368x 768, as my new LCD Tosh had VGA input and came with the cable, but after reading the that "DVI -> HDMI is the way to go", i invested
  9. Happened to my wifes phone on Vodafone, and this was exactly the reason I left them and moved to Orange with both my accounts. I realise it's a very difficult situation but as Davy has said, the complete lack of interest shown by them was an eye opener.
  10. Orange have blocked that particular app. You will need to get it unlocked via their web site for now.
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