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  1. Hi paul, I flashed a rom c432b180 but my old rom was c150b141. Now have c900b181rom. What can i do for stock eu rom? Bootloader locked no root...
  2. Wtf? Google play services? I have a Huawei watch. Possible, that android wear make this?
  3. I have now b330 stock, with stock recovery, without root. Can I flash r6 rom?
  4. You must download the stock firmware. Updat.app open with huawei update extractor, and recovery.img can you save from the firmware. This program is in honor 7 multi tool.
  5. Have flashed 330b stock rom. Great, running!
  6. i did not backup system, can`not flash stock rom while came error by 5% and stock recovery say reboot system... :( i have multi tool, this methode with unbrick can good?
  7. hi i had 5.0.2 stock rom with stock recovery. i flashed twrp and su, and then flashed this rom now i have a bootlop, with stock recovery write error by flashing stock 6.0 or 5.0.2 (b100) with rollback 6to 5.0.2 too. what can i do now? pls help. thanks a lot
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