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  1. hcardoso483

    (Rom) Vodafone Smart ultra 6 Modified

    I'm not complaining about the work in fact I mentioned that it is a good work I now how hard is to do what ever in a system and for those that do not appreciate I can say that the little things some time take long hours to get right so for all ppl see is the end result, I. Read somewhere that there is a patch for lock bootloaders that slow to get marshmallow to boot, so i"m trying to get that for our su6 and we don't need to say that is only for 64system coz I got an Samsung s4 and it's a 32susyem so if we get it right there is hope now the trouble is getting system source for marshmallow I don't know how to write that and for all I see there's only zte available and it lollipop so I'm stuck do if you find a way pass this maybe we can build an unofficial port from marshmallow to su6, I'd"s going to be a pain to get it to boot but I know it's doable, thake care mate...
  2. hcardoso483

    (Rom) Vodafone Smart ultra 6 Modified

    This is just the old colpad port rc2 with google in it good job though but we get the same by flashing gapps after the rom
  3. hcardoso483

    (Rom) Vodafone Smart ultra 6 Modified

    Hi there what android version is this rom?
  4. hcardoso483

    Driven nuts trying to root

    Budget phones never more, carriers lack of support and OS updates, deceiving ppl with new devices that after 6 months are outdated makes me think that is just a waste of money, they are in some cases goo's devices but sadly the greediness to the network carriers liking bootloaders and basically condemn a good device to a short life so budget phones never more
  5. hcardoso483

    Best rom ATM

    On my su6 i use resurrection remix and its amaising the thing is there are 3 builds of the same rom. i found the newer to be the best one only one issue it gets hot quit a bit but has exelent battery, exelent performance, i only got back on my Galaxy S4 bbecousei'm running nougat on it and because the only reason
  6. Soo-rry guys but bootloader lokedup so impossible update to MM or. N they need other bootloaders so we"re stuck on LL.1 and don"t wait for MM it will never do sorry, i feel for it too...
  7. hcardoso483

    FM Radio/Headphones buggy?

    Or just use some Bluetooth, since i've begin using them I don't want anything else...
  8. hcardoso483

    Faulty Headphone port ?

    Or you can try to force some air with an air compressor I had a similar problem and unsolved it that way
  9. hcardoso483

    Pebble Time 2 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    I find them cool gadgets bit the thing is do you really need a limited remote control for your fone on your wrist???
  10. hcardoso483


    Come on guys just install it twice and it will work flawlessly 😉
  11. hcardoso483

    Vodefon smart 6 ultra stock rom

    What kind of problem can you describe what's happening...
  12. hcardoso483


    Battery does okay with me no drains
  13. hcardoso483

    someone to help me?

    Instala a versão mr02b da vodafone tem de ser essa eu testei mas antes de instalar faz um reset de fábrica na recovery apaga todos os usuários depois instala a rom procura no modaco ela está lá quando instalarem volya a apagar todos os usuários e corre o sistema,, boa sorte...
  14. hcardoso483

    someone to help me?

    Boa sorte...
  15. hcardoso483

    someone to help me?

    Não vais conseguir instalar nada que não seja stock sem mudares a recovery, procura uma versão anterior da rom original e flash, depois tens de seguir todo o processo de Root e só depois é que podes instalar a twrp tem de ser desta forma caso contrário não vais conseguir

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