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  1. Great post, thanks. This worked fine for me. :) A couple of points I would make having seen the follow up comments and questions. I do feel that people need to learn and understand what they are doing when attempting something like this, and understand the pros and cons of Adaptable Storage also. You need to install Android Debug Bridge pack : You need to go into Settings - Developer options - enable USB debugging. Then when you connect your phone to computer via USB your phone should now appear in Device Manager (under Android Device). Follow the OPs guide, I used the option of sm partition disk:179, 0 mixed 50 Which resulted in : Click on SD card (Device Storage instance), click More, select Migrate Data. This will start coping data from Internal Storage to the SD card. (You can also rename the partition if you wish to make it clear it’s the adaptable storage card) Once this is completed you will see the change in storage both on your phone and on your PC : The approach to Adaptable Storage is interesting, but ultimately I don't think its for me, at least not currently. I like the idea of having control over what apps are on my internal storage and which are on my SD card, and I can do this by manually moving them. To undo this process :Click on Internal Storage, click More, select Migrate Data. This will migrate from the SD card back to Internal Storage, you can then remove the SD card, reformat it or do what you want with it. PLEASE NOTE - I found this to work for me but please make sure you understand what you are doing and are confident in what you are doing! Also, I knew nothing about this subject until 12 hours ago, I read the original post and it piqued my interest and so I went off and read about it. Please consider doing the same so you can understand what you are doing with your phone rather than following a set of instructions :)
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