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  1. I used to use Link2SD because some apps doesn't allow move to SD from settings, it's weird, but i happened with WhatsApp and other apps.
  2. Oh, i don't knew that link2SD could cause issues like those. I'll try a clean install and test it.
  3. Hello again KonstaT, some time ago i reported a soft reboot when i tried to uninstall some apps, today this bug still going and i don't know why. This time i got logcat while i was uninstalling WhatsApp, obviously it occurred soft reboot. Here is logcat https://mega.nz/#!sgUElZ4R!IlbF9JUUhQ_xmFY2wcoxbJ8ogGuiwQiRwpkSW_cUOf0
  4. That's strange, i'll try again to get logcat.
  5. Done, here is. https://mega.nz/#!B4djAIBR!TkX9WepPUI6FV1Z4tTvhXPwtKvhxKW8srF04zF7mAkc
  6. Hi, KonstaT. Here is the logcat when i try to install Facebook. https://mega.nz/#!18UzmYTR
  7. Thanks! i'll try to send you the logcat.
  8. Besatt07

    [ROM] MIUI v5 for ZTE Kis 3

    ¿Why don't build miui v6 or 7?
  9. I would like to report a problem, when i try social apps such facebook or messenger, the device crash and reboot showing the cm13 boot animation and when starting ends the touch screen doesn't work, then i have to reboot the system.
  10. Downloading, thanks for this build, i'll be testing that.
  11. Downloading, thanks for this build, i'll be testing that.
  12. There will be more builds of CM13? And is true that cm12.1 is better than cm 13?
  13. Do you develop CyanogenMod 14 when it becomes available?

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