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  1. I used to use Link2SD because some apps doesn't allow move to SD from settings, it's weird, but i happened with WhatsApp and other apps.
  2. Oh, i don't knew that link2SD could cause issues like those. I'll try a clean install and test it.
  3. Hello again KonstaT, some time ago i reported a soft reboot when i tried to uninstall some apps, today this bug still going and i don't know why. This time i got logcat while i was uninstalling WhatsApp, obviously it occurred soft reboot. Here is logcat https://mega.nz/#!sgUElZ4R!IlbF9JUUhQ_xmFY2wcoxbJ8ogGuiwQiRwpkSW_cUOf0
  4. Done, here is. https://mega.nz/#!B4djAIBR!TkX9WepPUI6FV1Z4tTvhXPwtKvhxKW8srF04zF7mAkc
  5. Hi, KonstaT. Here is the logcat when i try to install Facebook. https://mega.nz/#!18UzmYTR
  6. I would like to report a problem, when i try social apps such facebook or messenger, the device crash and reboot showing the cm13 boot animation and when starting ends the touch screen doesn't work, then i have to reboot the system.
  7. There will be more builds of CM13? And is true that cm12.1 is better than cm 13?
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