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  1. forart.eu

    Y560-L01 briked

    ...same here, but I have another IDENTICAL working device too. Is possible to copy the working one on the bricked one ?
  2. Just a question: since these custom ROMs have been builded/developed for years, is possible to "officialize" them ? My suggestion is to start an official LineageOS 13 "branch" (https://www.lineageoslog.com/13.0) then it could be possible to obtain the RR (5.7.x) build.
  3. forart.eu

    Huawei y5 Bricked

    Anyway: how to recover a bricked device that don't enter in recovery nor download mode ?
  4. TWRP project now have own app (https://twrp.me/app/) so the question is: why not going official ? https://twrp.me/devices/huaweiy300.html Thanks in advice.
  5. forart.eu

    Huawei y5 Bricked

    IDEA: why don't you make a QPST-flashable dump of your CM14.1+TWRP ?
  6. forart.eu

    Huawei y5 Bricked

    Another forum user "unbricked" his Y560 following this guide: https://boycracked.com/2016/01/22/how-to-installing-the-firmware-using-qfil-for-all-android-device-based-on-qualcomm-chips/
  7. forart.eu

    [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0 for Huawei Y5

    Hi there, trying to install TWRP on B107 (TIM branded), of course it claims "oem unlock is not allowed"... :( What about kingroot+rashr ? Thanks. EDIT: tested but won't work (black screen). Now trying to downgrade to B045...
  8. Well, of curse i recommend Cyanogen (choose version yourself), but you need unlocked bootloader and custom recovery. Have you ever done mods like these ?
  9. Hi everyone, 1st post here. Seems that "clones" are many (DNS S4503, INNOS i6, Samsung GT-I8262, etc.), even if i believe that specs are not exactly the same (Camera, Wifi, BT, etc. drivers should differ)... It would be great to have an "online kitchen" for the same CPU/GPU devices (something like http://uot.dakra.lt/kitchen/ or https://github.com/joelcogen/minidoudou), to "assembly" device-specific ROM on the fly...

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