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  1. Ok so this is what i got from doing this. No issues at all except all my downloads do not go to my SD card automatically. They still install onto the internal storage. Prior to doing this method, you were able to move apps to the SD card manually but the apps would still stay on the internal storage as well thus not really freeing up your internal storage. After doing this method, i noticed, as i stated earlier, that my apps were still being installed onto the internal storage so i decided to manually start moving my downloaded apps to my SD card only this time they were not staying on my internal storage thus freeing up space! so yes technically this does work but after you download and install apps, u have to manually move them to the SD card and your internal storage will be free of the downloaded apps. this is a response to people who have storage capacity issues. Basically u need to manually move the apps to the SD after installing them and that should free up your internal storage
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