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  1. 16 hours ago, KonstaT said:

    1. Download ZTE stock firmware that matches the stock recovery you have (Poland?).
    2. Extract update.zip from stock firmware package and copy it to your sdcard using sdcard reader etc.
    3. Install stock firmware in stock recovery.

    I used ,,apply from external storage" and reboot. I turn on telephone and I can only go to ,,Hello,  sellect your language" and ,,Sim card not found, read the instruction" (PS I can go to wifi menu, but for max 0,5 sec and reset) 


  2. Hello, ( Sorry for my English, but I`m from Poland :/ )

    I had bootloop 3 days ago. I tried fix it...... Any tutorial didn`t help.

    How can i fix it without USB (I can go only to Android Recovery system e3 (I can`t turn on normal android (turn on, animation, and restart)), because my computer don`t ,,see" a my telephone.

    THX for help...

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