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  1. I tried this on a tmobile snapdragon based s7 edge using a 128gb samsung uhs-1 sd card. My result is that after running sm partition disk:179,0 private the phone goes into a 'checking mode' on the sdcard and reboots itself, hten after a long time still checking reboots again. It's also curious that doing this puts the phone into a 'custom unlocked' mode and does not allow o/s updates any longer because of the 'custom' o/s install. At no point was the sdcard storage ever available for use this way. After rebooting, checking adb shows the following: [email protected]:/ $ sm list-volumes private mounted null private:179,2 checking a8628e14-535a-4196-a11a-7e662af35fe5 emulated mounted null privatemode unmounted null and that's where it stays.. Am i just being impatient or is this messed up somehow in a way I can fix without breaking the o/s? edit: I also started getting 'process system isn't responding - wait or close' errors after rebooting.
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