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  1. Very good rom thanks for your work. Only problem is echo for me. Did you patch it? I flashed new update but still same.
  2. Hi friends, I want to root my su6 but I'm on 6.0.1 version. I tried several apps for rooting but did not work. Is there there any possible way to root or maybe downgrade to previous version? Have a nice day...
  3. because there are a lot of people using this phone. In Turkey, there is no option to buy any phone with installment because of government regulation. You can only buy mobile phone with cash. However vodafone gives this phone with $1 additional payment to their telephone bill. I can say that 1/3 of total vodafone users have this phone. Turkcell and Turk Telekom give their phones but not quite good. So ZTE knows the potential customers. Then ZTE started to sell their new products.
  4. here in turkish ROM I have dolby app. I have just updated.
  5. I've heard it but I have no proof yet. In Turkish Forum some people were talking about it. I hope it will be activated.
  6. This screenshot is not mine, but people who got update say that there is no radical change. It's just like security patch. Also I know that quick charge is activated. We will see...
  7. I have never seen such an update, never seen such a release method. From every country, some people say that they received an update and some not. It's from Turkey.
  8. In addition, there is no available update in Turkey, Turkish Rom. I am on VDF-995NB01-TR09b. However, security patch is 2016-05-01. It's a little bit strange. I mean the version we use is not appropriate for MM, I think. Before the big update, I was waiting another mini update but there is no. Anyway, we are still waiting...
  9. Any news from new rom? I cant wait...
  10. Do I need to unroot this phone to install last update that is 36mb? It says root access detected but there is option to install from sd card.
  11. Currently I am using Turkish stock rom and I am searching a new flavour. Which rom do you use and which is more efficient. Any custom rom that has no bugs would be very nice. Waiting for your suggests and ideas, thanx!
  12. nutsda's resurrection causes overheat although I did clean installation around 55 celcius... Also I have some battery problems such as sudden drop 100 to 87. Have you ever encountered any bug in nutsda's resurrection?
  13. utkx

    Which rom do you use?

    I've tried resurrection rom from xda and it causes overheat a little bit ( around 55 Celcius). Also this morning I flashed cyanogenmod from xda that my friend share with us and it has same problem causes overheat. I will try another and than probably I will back to stock...
  14. utkx

    Which rom do you use?

    Could you share link of your rom, sir
  15. utkx

    My SU6 cpu overheating?

    Thank for your attantion. I tried all governors performance,interactive etc. but the same result... At background I have system apps,greenify,kingroot and whatsapp. Others like facebook,twitter etc. hibernated by greenify. And interesting thing is system use 1.4 GB ram . I think that is strange and ram management is not working properly. Can I install any other rom via stock recovery or I need twrp?
  16. Hi guys I'm very new in here. I had been using last one that phone until trying to install xposed, then it stucked at android logo then I flashed stock rom via stock recovery( I downloaded last update from zte webpage under the Turkey heading I also live in Turkey. This process is ok there was no problem but after fully charged I noticed that phone is burning. I've never felt it before.It's very distracting. I'm waiting a solution and suggestion if you help me. Device is rooted via kingroot. Cpu temp is around 65 in standby. Should I send it service? Thanx and sorry for poor English.

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