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  1. UbetTC49-Legacy has not back button order no phisycal and neither in "navigation bar " ---------------------------------------------- the next combination works very well SlimKat-u8951-port.build.9.1-legacy + SlimKat91L-kernel-mixed + SK91Leg-FMRadio ----------------- i use pa_gapps-modular-pico-4.4.4-20150410-signed and also change dpi to 240
  2. Hi I would like to know, if LuneOs (port of webos) could be compatible with our phones i don't know what is the status of that project but in the wikipedia says "All devices can have a LuneOS port if they have a CyanogenMod ROM available that works." thanks for the answers and excuse me by my bad english
  3. somebody knows what is the status of ubports or postmarketOS project for our phone? somebody knows what is the LuneOS (open source webOS project) status? and if that project would be compatible with huawei G510? port LuneOS guide (https://webos-ports.org/wiki/Porting_Guide) somebody knows what is the AstianOS (based in linux and firefox Os ) status?
  4. i use this cm-13.0-20161211 + opengapps pico + keyboard fix is very stable
  5. thank you very much for this great job this rom is excellent, if we take acount than this phone has little resources -------------------- to me cm-13.0-20161211 + the last gapps : works very good and i am going to use this combination ------------------------ i ask to others Slim6 the microphone on calls bug also continues?
  6. cm-13.0-20161211 + open_gapps-arm-6.0-pico-20161211 very stable, almost all works good, some little bugs with wifi, and the open camera
  7. testing cm-13.0-20161127 + open_gapps-arm-6.0-pico-20161125 (to me does not work google login on start; i skip and then login in play store) it is imposible to use the camera, i tried Open camera (latest version and old verion 1.27) does not work, other camera app neihter other apps(facebook lite, snapchat, memrise, etc) works good --------------------------- How cm-13.0-20161120 has a similar error but not as serious as cm-13.0-20161127 i finally decided to return a cm-13.0-20161016 the camera works better than most recent versions
  8. cm-13.0-20161120 + open_gapps-arm-6.0-pico-20161120 : I cannot pass "comprobation" screen after wifi ------------------------------------- testing cm-13.0-20161120 + open_gapps-arm-6.0-pico-20161111 i think that is very stable 24 hours: i use open camara with some bugs "photo failure" but reboot the phone and then it works good Dilarer work fine, , whatsapp,facebook ite, duolingo and memrise works good instagram works good some lags but the app now have more size in ram snapchat has many lags but less than previuos version
  9. cm-13.0-20161113 24 hours: works very good, dilarer work fine, i use open camara, whatsapp,facebook ite, duolingo and memrise works good instagram works good some lags but the app now have more size in ram snapchat has many lags but seems app problem because it use many resources WIFI is still unustable but in this version seem that reconection is better, sorry my english
  10. cm-13.0-20161106 i am not sure if i did some wrong but this version does not recognize IMEI I returned 20161030
  11. cm-13.0-20161023 Has many bugs and lags ------------------------------------ cm-13.0-20161016 This version works good i can install my favorite apps but still has some lags and sometimes blackscreen ------------------------------------------------------ today i try swapon /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 and it worked good ------------------
  12. was someone testing another wifi manager? i want to know if those apps works without bugs of signal
  13. i am trying this room, it has been very stable some lags in lock screen but now i am using the lock screen of the launcher i am happy with this room XD --------------------- Snapchat 9.40 the version of this week works good in this room
  14. still has many lags, i tried opengapps and it not connect to google play
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