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  1. The Lineage github only has official device's & the p839v55 isn't officially supported, you will need to use the device, kernel & vendor sources from my github https://github.com/nutsda/ Please note that the vendor tree example in the video is for multiple devices so you will need to place the vendor tree at vendor/vodafone/p839v55 Alternatively you can just download the sources as a zip file instead & manually place the contents in their respective directories or create a local manifest file that will download the sources when you run repo sync.
  2. I've never had a go porting ROMs that way, I just know that the base & port ROMs have to the same android version & that you also have to modify the boot.img also. Due to the fact it's stuck on the powered by android screen, I believe the issue lies with boot.img / kernel side of things not loading. I actually did compile RR 5.8.5 from source a while ago (but have since removed the RR source code from my PC to free up space). Here is a copy of the build I did for you to try if you like RR-N-v5.8.5-20180716-p839v55-Unofficial.zip
  3. Just a quick update! I have finally managed to get Oreo booting, but at the moment not much is working. As I don't have much free time please don't ask for an ETA, I will upload a beta for testing when I've ironed out the major bugs.
  4. The only thing I can suggest is to try formatting the partitions from the advanced wipe menu & re-install Lineage
  5. By default Lineage is shipped without root, which I will keep it that way so people can choose to use the one they prefer. If you wish to have root access you can flash lineage's root add-on (there is a link to it on the 1st post) then enable it from the developers menu in settings or alternatively you can flash either magisk or supersu.
  6. New Build up lineage-14.1-20180620-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Lineage sources updated Low mic volume while recording improved Updated audio drivers
  7. No, I still haven't worked out the cause of the echo.
  8. That's strange I had a look & can confirm that app reports them as sleeping but other apps I have tried don't say they're offline unless I shut them off manually, so I wouldn't worry about it. Try setting the battery profile back to balanced as that use's the interactive governor, as I found with antutu benchmarking app I scored better with the interactive governor than I did with the performance governor.
  9. TWRP compiled using Oreo 8.1 sources TWRP flashable - recovery-twrp-3.2.3-0-p839v55.zip IMG file - recovery-twrp-3.2.3-0-p839v55.img How to update: If you already have TWRP installed, you can use the flashable zip to update it 1. Download TWRP flashable zip and copy it to your sdcard 2. Install the zip in TWRP 3. Reboot recovery How to install: 1. Root your Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (please note that if you are on stock marshmallow you will have to downgrade first!) 2. Download TWRP recovery image file and copy it to your sdcard 3. Install Flashify from Play Store & select downloaded IMG file to flash 4. Reboot to recovery Previous Builds: TWRP compiled using Nougat 7.1 sources. TWRP flashable - recovery-twrp-3.1.1-0-p839v55.zip IMG file - recovery-twrp-3.1.1-0-p839v55.img
  10. It's just a built-in security feature that until now has been disabled to allow Lineage to work, but now I have fixed the issues allowing it to be enabled & help make the system more secure.
  11. I am unable to test it, so I don't know if it works or not, hopefully someone on here can let us know.
  12. New build up lineage-14.1-20180416-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Fix MTP not working on Windows Fix Camera not working for some people SELinux now set to Enforcing
  13. What version of windows are you running? As I wonder if it is more of a device driver issue rather than Android. The camera I don't know what's up yet, especially since it's only a few people having issues not everyone
  14. New build up lineage-14.1-20180410-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Lineage sources updated MTP now works properly on Linux, untested on windows Widevine DRM now functioning properly (fixes apps requiring Digital Rights Management to run - like Netflix)
  15. Thanks, also if you open the menu & select the dmesg option (it doesn't let you export that one) & just have a flick through that to see if it shows up any errors for the camera.
  16. At this stage I have no idea,after briefly flicking through your log & one from mine, they both appear to have the same errors (I will have a better look when I get the time), but both front & rear camera work for me. Are you able to have a look at the kmsg (I use an an app called Logcat Extreme on my phone just to view it) to see if there is any errors relating to camera there.
  17. That fixed the issue with my Linux PC not being able to write to it, on windows 10 MTP didn't work as device manager was showing an issue with device driver (didn't have time to fix before work) but it recognized picture transfer & the Linux virtual machine I had open & running picked it up fine. I have solved the Netflix incompatibility issue (tested with the latest version) it was due to Widevine DRM not functioning correctly, so any other app that uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) should work as well. I will upload a new build in the next day or two, that incorporates these fixes.
  18. Thankyou for testing that, as it will help knowing it's only related to this ROM.
  19. Thanks, it will be good to know if it's just an issue with 14.1 or both.
  20. OK, have you tried Lineage 13 or come straight 14.1?
  21. Thanks for the log, I'll have a look through & see if I can figure out the problem. Have you tried any other camera apps to see of the problem still occurs?
  22. Did you extract the zip files from inside the 6.0.1.zip?
  23. A few posts back I uploaded a patch called firmware-update.zip that can be flashed via twrp but so far no one has mentioned whether it helps or not.
  24. Lineage 14.1 will not work without the updated firmware that came with the stock marshmallow update, try flashing this firmware-update.zip to see if it will help otherwise you will need to install the twrp flashable stock marshmallow from http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/378390-smart-ultra-6-rom-601-with-root/ then come back to lineage 14.1
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