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  1. Hi, are there any news about bluetooth headset supported custom kernels for Huawei Ascend Y-300? The Synopsis Kernel is really great, but I have a Jabra Stealth headset that I use almost every day and I cannot use it with synopsis kernel. When I switch to stock kernel, Jabra Stealth headset is working again. But Stock Kernel is very disappointing since you cannot even use swap, which I think is really important for this telephone. When I used Swap with Synopsis kernel, I could for example open a browser, then switch to a couple more of apps, everything was running smooth and nothing was being closed. My smartphone is already very optimised, I have greenify almost on every thing, etc, etc. I already wrote a Contact Request to Huawei asking for the real kernel source code with bluetooth headset support. If I get some news, I will post them here. I tried already with synopsis kernel, cexstel kernel and ultra kernel, all for stock. No luck :( The only kernel till now which is capable of bluetooth headset for me is unfortunately the stock kernel.
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