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  1. Saludos a todos en este foro.....alguien tiene algún root para el Samsung A20 (a205g) con procesador exinox android 9 y one ui 1.1......agradeceria su colaboración
  2. there is another error with Google play and the apps installed in the micro SD as internal shared error 963 one I did everything it says on YouTube and nothing
  3. very good work with the combination alonso, the optimization I like and the modification of certain parameters and implementation of some functions perfect, what I always have in a cell ... works well in my cell except for some bug I'm going to detail and be of analysis or if the solution exists to implement and update it for an optimal operation. to the point .... from version 6.0 of andriod onwards the micro sd memory card can be implemented as internal memory totally or partially, I have it completely as internal shared memory, handling more than 250 app, the internal memory of the cell is 8GB usable internal sd 5gb, logically I can not put the 250 app in the internal sd so I implemented the internal micro sd shared and install certain app in the micro sd shared, the problem I have is that the app in the shared microsd Sometimes when the cell is turned on they do not appear in the installed apps, I reboot and they reappear, I do not know what that behavior is, I think it does not reenable the libraries or dex, to give a partial solution, not total use, link2 sd in the configurations you have two option to link libraries and dex does not happen very often but it happens, the question is if there is a solution to that problem I use a 64gb sandisk ultra memory I forgot this also affects omniswitch there they no longer appear totally
  4. chevere very interesting and I'm going to test ........ I guess that magisk version is compatible with this cell ..... some link to download it ??
  5. thank you alonso for answering I will try it and any news I write .... about the Kernel if it is the same if it would support quiet ..... if you want to explain more in detail what differences or improvements this ROM has
  6. Great work with this rom 7.1.1 for this cell ..... but fix the problem that does not work the apk of "psiphon ui" or "clear psiphon" in the rom cyanogenmod ..... does not activate the vpn function of cell when this Connecting ....... The apk can find it on the internet
  7. A friends query, help me with a way to change the default governor when I start android for example starts in "interactive" I want to start in "performance" and always do it in all core without programs ........ I was I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this, but I'm not sure how to do it. ...... Thank you
  8. Good on the other hand very good job with the support drivedroid I can boot windows 10 from the cell, thanks
  9. This rom has support for convert to F2FS file system ?? On the other hand because this happens in cyanogenmod when I have installed many applications example more than 100 it becomes heavy to open the applications so the memory ram this with 300mb free ???? Is there any way to configure that no matter how much installed apk is fluid as at first
  10. I have this bug with the calls only happens when the superuser is enabled there are times when calling the screen stays black sometimes with the power button returns, same when they call and when the screen does not restart the cell uses the dual dual sim Of nightling of this forum how can I make a bug report if I reboot help please
  11. Hello to all .... I found the solution to my two problems .... the xposed and the link2sd app really very easy ............... for the xposed after so much try me I ran a modified version of xposed v87-sdk23-arm-test1 ............... and for the link2sd app it was just unmounting the partition in storage settings ......... ...... and problems solved .............
  12. Can someone help me with this error ..... is the ROM the problem Because I get ext2 error if the partition is ext4 and I choose the 4
  13. It definitely does not work well xposed ..... try it in many ways .... old and new versions ...... may be installed and restart works fine ........... the problem is When a module is activated when restart it stays in the cyanogenmod logo ....... how can I deactivate the selinux ????
  14. I had a problem like that and solved it by making all the wipe in the twrp less external
  15. Excellent and very good update ..... finally the longed for selinux and excellent improvements ...... I like it a lot ..... but I have a problem with the xposed I did not go very well I had to go back to the Previous rom ....... if someone ah tried an i ah ah worked please hang the link ....... install the xposed of my previous ROM installed well .... the problem was when activate a module ..... on reboot I stay in the logo of huawei .... no more than I did wipe did not come out of there ....... will there be any solution ..... install the Xposed 4 apk and the arm 23 zip
  16. In my case I did not work kontakt I stayed in a loop of initiating android applications like more than an hour later I stayed in the logo of android ...... luckily I had a backup of two months ago and restore ..... I had 80% of the applications ..... I play less work
  17. ...... di3go to spend your want to use applications like Link2SD is in the play store ...... Is it me has worked better in two years
  18. I di3go tube that problem ... in my Y560 l23 solve it by installing the recovery stock and then again the custom recovery intalando worked for me ...... ...... .lei that if restarting back to recovery instead of starting normally is corrupted the recovery
  19. I do not want to install everything from scratch again I have many ... .Although would sort that way
  20. I have this problem ... .instale mistakenly dual sim u23.zip in my Y560 l23 and automatic screen rotation to put me as the image rotates taking the cell in normal position ... ..eso happened after installing this zip zip ... ..the it works fine on my dual sim cell is naithly.zip ... ..as ..or fix that problem as uninstall that package to install running on my cell
  21. someone help me with this I came procegui me this and according to the images; I mean create a partition on my sd ext4 and want to put as internal as in the image ..... my question is I will format all sd or just the ext4 partition ????? someone who has done that
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