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  1. Has anyone tried any universal rooting methods yet? Such as mobile go and kingroot.
  2. My download is stuck on 34%. Can anyone upload the latest update, please?
  3. Was the update download slow for anyone else? I'm on 34% after 30 minutes.
  4. I'll swap you my excellent condition ultra 6 for your ultra 7 haha
  5. http://www.ztedevice.com/support/ This is where the updates are usually located but I can't find Germany in the drop down menu. I also tried the German ZTE site but was unable to find any updates for this phone.
  6. I didn't suggest it was UK. I was just forwarding the information to people in this forum.
  7. Mannix on the Vodafone site posted these images as proof.
  8. Does anyone have a link to the stock rom for the UK? The ZTE site doesn't appear to be working. http://www.ztedevice.com/support/detail?id=38A5A70F780949E3814D712B5CD2DAE4#software
  9. Despite the early bugs, this is by far my favourite ROM.
  10. Bug: Unable to search and select a location on the default Weather app.
  11. Bug: Headphones are not being recognised via auxiliary cable.
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Just to confirm, data won't work with any browser or app.
  13. It just won't connect and neither will any other apps.
  14. I've just tried to use Firefox with data but was unsuccessful.
  15. When I first downloaded the ROM it was corrupt and wouldn't install but the second download was fine. It may be an issue with the Mega site.
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